Winter is coming, so is Christmas. Customers are going to visit your website every minute or two which is going to be challenging for your customer service agents to get bigger sales conversion rate.

How can you get most out of this holiday season?

As everyone prepares for Christmas this year! Take the opportunity to get more sales since you couldn’t do well this black Friday or cyber Monday. As a business owner more lead generation, conversion rate, quick responses and efficiency play an important role to get increased sales. Holiday season is around the corner and as popularity of New Year 2019 grows live agents have to be more efficient and attentive.

Infographic shows that customers who chatted are most likely to return to your e-commerce website or your online store which could bring 48% increase in your revenue.

During festive season customers need to be contacted frequently otherwise you may lose them and someone else might grab the opportunity. So how can you improve your marketing and sales? Here are some useful tips that may come in handy when communicating with the customers:

Let them know that you are selling the right product and you have that product in stock so they can easily purchase

Concentrate on the communication style

Actively check your conversion rate

Always follow the working sales strategy

Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C setup you need live chat to get more leads and convert website traffic to the lead generation, you can do this by following principles:

Do You Really Know Your Customer?

Sales agents should know what kind of visitor is visiting the specific website to know if its a potential customer or not. Keeping in mind that if customer is visiting for the first time or it’s their second visit. Focus on the purchasing decision of customer and persuade them to give you a good retail sale. If the sales person knows what kind of a customer is visiting the website, he’ll be able to guide the customer through the process pipeline which would help in lead generation.

Know Your Customer Picture

Workforce/ Chat Manning

While working in a tough environment where chats are popping every minute you need adequate workforce to manage every customer. If an agent can handle 3-4 chats at a time then 15-20 agents could do the job for the business.

You may acquire more customers through advertising campaigns but main target is to convert web traffic into the sales leads. Efficient live service can convert Christmas holidays and New Year holidays into trading days. 

How Real Time Communication Can Get More Sales conversion Rate?

Live chat is  most effective online channel to communicate, promoting the business and for the sake of brand awareness. Human assistance and communication style of a live person would give a much better experience than a bot.

Resolve More Tickets Than Usual

In peak seasons like Christmas and New Year day customers are looking to buy last minute gifts for their loved ones. Greeting customers and resolving tickets quickly are more important than usual routine days.

Customer service agents need to solve tickets quickly as they receive them because customers are in hurry to buy the products and your online presence matters. Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C build good customer relationship management (CRM) to increase sales conversion rate.

Why Should You Get Live Chat For Your Business?

Guess what? Live chat not only connects customer to seller but it’s much more than that! It’s an opportunity to build rapport with customers and uplift conversion rates. More importantly, live chat provides immediate answers, thus building confidence in your brand and increasing customer satisfaction.

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