Building solid relationships with customers requires a predictable and continuous collaboration to hold customer’s hard-earned loyalty.

If a business doesn’t know an individual’s preferences, they are more than willing to escape to another merchant to pick up a feeling of personalized association. If you want your business to perform better you must provide great customer service and give a feel of emotional connection to your customers.

It is necessary for your Customer service representatives or Live Chat agents and even customer service manager to realize the importance of good customer service. Only because of a better customer experience and personalized interaction there are 50% of chances to convert a website visit into a sales lead.

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” – George Eliot

44% of customers state they will purchase again after a personalized shopping experience where they gained product knowledge; 40 percent purchased something they hadn’t planned to buy because of personalisation.

At the end of the day, loyal customers leave customized connections. Organizations must put resources into solid client connections or they will lose to contenders who are very anxious to grab your customers.

Techniques to Build Solid Relationships with Customer

Not only with the new customers but to retain existing customers it is important to build lasting and solid relationships with customers. This way either it could be helpful in gaining more business from returning customers or they can also recommend you to other businesses.

Excellent Communication



Timely and excellent communication should be the priority of customer service agents. If you couldn’t do well with one client, this should not affect your entire schedule or do not let this build the negativity towards customer. Best customer service requires effective communication.

For a live chat agent written communication and time management skills are a must have also clear communication is of no less importance. Organizations must focus on exceptional and effective communication because good communication skills are of prime importance to build strong relationships with customer

Provide a Great Customer Experience

Providing great customer service experience leaves very positive first impression and earns you the customer loyalty. A business should focus on good customer service every step of the way.

Provide a Great Customer Experience

After a client finishes their request, think about sending a fast, personalized note to express gratitude toward them for their business. If they’ve purchased a product that requires any unique use or care directions, make sure to pass those along, as well.

Ask Open Ended Questions

Ask Open Ended Questions

Generally sales people are trained to pitch for sales all the time. Asking questions is a good thing but repeating same thing and pitching your idea all the time is not a good practice.

“Always begin with: So that I can better serve you, do you mind if I ask a few questions?”– Jodie Shaw

For retaining customers a sales representative should ask about needs of customers or their business. Building customer rapport is as important as building a strong relationship for retaining customers.

Open ended questions always result in a thoughtful response from the buyer and open ended questions are more compelling than close ended questions.

Customer Interest


Customer interest should be the top priority of your business.  Every one of your competitors will likewise guarantee they can bring as much incentive as you can, if not more.

Our approach is to consider the best enthusiasm of the customer before our own and to ensure they realize this is the manner by which we see our association with them. In a few events, this could mean we don’t move something or cut back our proposition in the event that we establish that they are not prepared.

Brand Trust For Brand Loyalty

Customer Interests and Business Interests

According to Infographic 61% of the customers are more loyal to brand they trust. Key to building brand loyalty is to build trust first. Keeping customer needs in mind and willingness to keep the promises is the only way to build brand trust.

To get more sales conversion rate or to generate more leads B2B companies need to focus more on building brand trust and the best way to build brand trust is to provide real-time communication. Keep one thing in mind that trust has to be earned. Usually customers are irritated by deceitful marketing campaigns.

In terms of marketing the challenge before your marketing team and customer support representatives is to prove themselves trustworthy, concerned, and helpful not just once, but time and time again.

Customer Interests and Business Interests



Being a live chat agent comes with great responsibility to satisfy customers. Therefore customer satisfaction is important and keeping your business interests in mind is also important.

Service agents must value customer interests while keeping in mind the interests of the business they are working for. In addition to that Increase the value, while valuing your customer needs. Furthermore customers surely will help you in generating more leads and improving your business. Marketing teams should work on a long term strategy to build long lasting customer relationships.

Over to You

Customer relationships are considered to be the backbone of any organization. It must be kept in mind that satisfactory customer services are as important as your business interests are. Let us know what your thoughts on building solid relationships with customers are?


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