We live in a world where the Real Estate Sector is one of the pillars of the Economy. The real estate bubble created by the uncontrolled growth of the sector in a time of high growth has caused the greatest economic crisis in recent years. This was compounded by the global economic crisis and many other things that are not relevant.

The reality is that a few years ago, thousands of real estate agents appeared, gradually closing down as the months went by in which no apartment was sold. High prices, oversupply, fierce competition … have caused many businesses to go bankrupt. For those who have managed to survive, now is the time to get clients.

It seems that capturing clients for a real estate agency is now a little easier. The sector has begun to recover in terms of sales and prices have clearly risen in many towns, especially in large cities, a rise caused by different factors that do not have as much to do with demand as with the spinning of cities for vacation apartments.

In addition, during the crisis citizens began to opt for rent, given the impossibility of buying an apartment due to their own economic situation and the banks’ refusal to grant mortgages. After the crisis, banks have opened their hands and rental prices have risen, which has led to a return to the concept of buying the first home and even acquiring second homes as an investment for those with potential savings. .

In this growth scenario, selling is a bit easier, but with abundance there is also less offer (and it is more necessary to convince customers to leave their flats) and soon there will be a greater number of competitors who will want to take advantage. That is why it is so important to be clear on how to attract clients for a real estate agency to have a real estate portfolio and to make it the best in the area.

How to capture real estate to have an attractive portfolio

For the real estate company, the work begins earlier, the first thing to capture is an attractive property portfolio for potential clients. To have real estate the first thing is to get the people who are going to sell your home to think of you. For this it is necessary to have regular contact with them. Some real estate agencies send their commercials to visit houses in areas where real estate is being sold. In this way, the commercials become recognizable and reliable people and the neighbours recommend their friends to sell through these real estate agencies.

The Capture Kit and Affiliate Marketing

Therefore, it is necessary to create a way to attract those sellers and for this the best thing is a Capture Kit. This marketing action has a double functionality, on the one hand it serves to attract the seller and on the other hand it serves to convince the buyer. In addition to a recruitment kit, you must offer an incentive to the neighbors to help you capture housing for the real estate agency.

If you create an affiliate program for the neighbors, you will get notified every time there is an opportunity in the neighborhood. This affiliate program can be a gift for those neighbors who give you a notice or convince a neighbor to go to your real estate agency.

To convince sellers, one of the techniques that works best is to put in the window the number of days that passes from when a house is put up for sale until it is sold . When a real estate agency is really good this parameter is really low, compared to the rest of the real estate agencies. That is why it is good to put reserved signs on some of the houses (instead of removing them from the window), so as to create the feeling that apartments are continually being sold.

How to attract clients for a real estate agency

Now comes the hardest part of the process: convincing customers that what you offer is the best they can find. The buying process is long because a home is a good that costs a lot of money and because it is where you are going to live your whole life (or at least that is what you usually think). The buyer must be convinced that the price is adequate for the house, the neighbourhood and the services that exist.

It all starts on the Internet: the key is Online Marketing

The home buying process begins online. The future buyer searches the Internet for pages that have homes in the area in which they want to live. Often that area is too wide to detect opportunities. Therefore, as a real estate you need to attract your potential clients through various elements that coordinate to generate a winning offer:

A very well focused online ad campaign : you need to attract your potential customers and for that the best thing is to create ads with the best products and that respond to your customer’s search keywords (in some cases it will be by price, in others by characteristics , almost always by location.

A very attractive website: once the attention has been captured through the advertisement, the client must reach the website and find an attractive design that prioritizes the visual (photos and videos), with extensive descriptions and that invites you to dream of living in that House. Do not focus on the price, focus on generating excitement and exciting the buyer with the possibility of having that house. In this web page you must put the characteristics of the property.

Related information: once you have captured the attention on your website, the way to convince him is by adding value to the home and this is achieved by offering related information. The house must have a description of the interior and a description of the exterior, the neighbourhood, the services around it (health centers, parks, shopping centers or markets, schools …). You have to get the client to imagine living there every day, going to buy fruit, fish or slippers, taking their children to school or walking the dog in the park.

Don’t forget about offline Marketing

But although everything begins on the Internet, in the end everything ends in the offline world. Clients stay with the commercial at the real estate agency, see housing records and visit the houses. That is why it is very important that you not only think about Online Marketing.

Commercials must have the same information in the office. They must have a map of the area, of the neighborhood with the main services marked, recommendations for customers (if you have a dog this is a good park, if you like to run here you have a magnificent area, if you are shopping in the market here there are some shops neighborhood of a lifetime …) and must prepare the buyer to imagine in that house.

To achieve better results it is convenient to stay in an area close to the house but where they can see the life of the neighborhood. You can walk to the house and discuss the services that are near the house. In this way, the buyer begins to imagine his life in that neighbourhood.

How to Sell the House

Although having a suitable home portfolio is very interesting, the objective is to sell real estate to obtain the pertinent commissions. In this sense, we must create the feeling that housing can be inhabited and we can make it our own. To achieve this I am going to give you a series of tips:

Keep the house tidy and clean: Before showing the house to a buyer, you have to clean and sort the items. A messy house does not invite us to dream that we live in it (on the contrary, it will remind us that there is much to clean and that it is difficult to keep orderly). At best, paint the house a neutral colour to make it look newer.

Depersonalize the house: Delete family portraits, children’s photos, and anything you remember that belongs to someone else. The ultimate goal is to get the buyer to see the house as “their future home.” Leave the frames and portraits but place impersonal images.

Put clean clothes in the bathrooms: it seems like a lie but if you can make each room look like something out of a decoration magazine, you can sell the house more quickly. If it is inhabited it is more complicated but if it is an uninhabited house you can put a new doormat, some towels to match the bathroom mat, some cushions on the bed…

Order closets: a fundamental element of any house is the storage space. If you are not able to keep the cabinets tidy they will not give the feeling of being useful. They will appear small and unappealing. If they are empty, they do not give the feeling of being spacious or sufficient. If the house is uninhabited you can buy some clothes to put on the hangers, some underwear and T-shirts and pretend that the wardrobes are in full use.

Create a pleasant smell for your house: most houses have a characteristic smell that is given by the activity of their tenants. If there are unpleasant smells it will be impossible to sell the house. Try to eliminate strong odours and leave a light flowery aroma or a very mild fragrance. The aroma of a freshly made sponge cake is very attractive.

Leave messages of complicity to your client: finally, you can leave messages of complicity to your buyer or you can tell him yourself. There are phrases like “here you can put your house slippers”, “in this frame you can put your son’s photo” or “can you imagine having a quiet dinner on this terrace with your husband?”; all these messages reinforce the idea that this house can really be yours.


In summary, selling houses is a complex process because it is an expensive product (probably the most expensive one that we buy throughout our lives). Therefore, you have to learn how to get the best properties and attract clients for those houses. Prepare the ground to get a good portfolio of properties and then focus on getting your potential clients to enter your real estate. Use Online Marketing and Offline Marketing and then, learn to prepare the house so that when customers enter they imagine living there. Now you know how to attract clients for a real estate agency.

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