How Luxury Beach Rentals Doubled Their Leads Using Live Chat


If you are the owner of a vacation rental or if you’re a property manager, and you want to increase your leads to give a boost to your business, you have landed on the right platform. In this article, we’ll discuss how luxury beach rentals doubled their leads using live chat.

Luxury Beach Rentals

A large number of struggling luxury vacation rental owners wonder why aren’t they getting enough leads. The website looks great, and there is a sufficient amount of incoming traffic each day, then what’s wrong and why there aren’t many clients from online visitors.

It’s a fact that short term rentals can fetch more profit than long term rentals can in a year, especially during peak seasons. More people like to invest money since short term rentals have gained popularity. It is important for vacation rental owners to have a sound website.

Miami Beach Rentals


“Your Live Chat Service allowed us to capture leads we would otherwise have not captured. Very responsive team, and willing to adjust” Thanks, Realinteract!” – Tony R. Luxury Rentals Miami Beach


Miami is the sixth most densely populated city of the United States. The weather of Miami is favorable for outdoor activities throughout the year. The city has many rivers, bays, and canals which makes sailing boating or fishing popular activities. Thus, also attracting a large number of visitors year round.

There are Miami Beach vacation rentals for visitors. However, before they visit, customers want to make sure their stay is comfortable. Customers primarily visit the websites to make reservations and often times they want to make quick decisions.

Here is where the owners have to be quick to grab the customer’s attention and to seal the deal. The customer might have some questions which need immediate attention or else they might end up making reservations at competitor’s vacation rental since the competition grows every year.

It is best to have a 24/7 customer support service and support agents to answer any questions they may have or to make it easier for them to just make a reservation. 24/7 service allows ease of information at the customers’ end, also making it a must-have for luxury beach rentals.

Visitors have to search a lot before making a reservation because there is an overload of vacation rentals. Some look great, others not so much. Some are even misleading or fake. Because of this, marketing for Miami Beach vacation rentals has become more refined. This is a factor which should not be overlooked by the owners and calls for 24/7 service or the chances of converting leads to sales are slim to none.

The bottom line is that an upgrade to your Miami Beach Rentals’ website with a 24/7 customer support will definitely help you boost the business and produce a positive return on income. At Real Interact, you can be sure that every support agent will provide a prompt and accurate answer to customer’s queries. You’re welcome to contact us for more information.



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