Building a good brand relationship with the customer is a huge challenge for a contact center. The design and automation of all processes and stages of customer service is a key issue that affects the perception of the brand in its awareness and customer experience.

Call Center Affect the Perception of the Customer’s Brand

Brand + Call Center = Customer Opinion

Customer service in a call center is multidimensional and is definitely one of the factors that determine the final consumer’s opinion about a given brand. Communication with the client should be focused on his experience, because the modern consumer evaluates the brand as a whole, without going into individual elements that influenced his opinion.

According to the Dimension Data report, 82.6% of companies lack implementation of processes that would improve the efficiency of the customer service department. For this purpose, customer journey mapping is extremely important, i.e. the proper marking of the stages of communication with the company using specific tools and channels. It is difficult to design one right scenario for the customer service department due to the number of communication channels and a completely different course of the customer path in each of them. Hence, it is recommended to thoroughly analyze the processes and improve them, which will result in full customer satisfaction in contact with the consultant. What’s more, the analysis of all data at individual contact levels will allow not only to increase the efficiency of the service department employees, but also to increase the customer experience.

Continuous improvement of the quality in the customer service department is crucial. Bad customer experiences will quickly affect the brand’s reputation, spoil its image on the market, and consumers will lose their trust.

Quality First and Foremost

Professionalization of customer service in the contact center means taking conscious actions that will quickly have a positive impact on the perception of the brand by the customer. All this is possible thanks to competent and reliable employees who are able to react in crisis moments, take part in trainings and workshops on communication strategies, products or services.

In addition, the scale of development of communication technologies shows the great potential of digitizing customer contact. According to Dimension Data, every third preferred contact channel is a mobile application, followed by social media and video platforms. These are innovative tools that emphasize the new quality of sales, and the brand image becomes credible both in terms of the services offered and multi-level consumer support at every stage of the customer journey.

Customer service in confrontation with its final brand perception is a complex activity that consists of a range of competences of a team of employees, processes and operations. Companies should invest in a communication strategy and continuously improve it. Permanent verification of given stages, analysis and observation of consumer behavior and the consultant’s work will allow to obtain measurable results in the customer experience. Customer experience affects the customer’s trust and loyalty to the brand, which gives them a chance for their return, acquiring new customers thanks to previous recommendations, and a balanced profit ratio thanks to low customer loss.

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