What is position leasing?

There are different forms of position leasing. So to speak, there are two. One is called staffed position rental and the other is non-staffed position rental.

The rental of a non-staffed position consists of renting premises as well as equipment, whether technical or real estate infrastructures. This makes it possible to invest only in real estate and technical resources while leaving the choice of teleoperators to be employed.

The rental of a staffed position includes the full rental of services. That is to say that all human resources, but also material and real estate are made available to the employer. This solution allows you to immediately start making your rental profitable, without having to invest more.

The advantages of position leasing

The location of call centers allows operations to be relocated to spaces that are already fully equipped. This, for the teleoperator service as in the call center, but also in the teleworking in a more general way.

Money-saving and lower cost

It offers the same services at a lower cost with tax reductions, tax advantages, advantages at the launch of the project and at the level of the activity more generally. We find all the services available in position rental with teleoperators that save you money, savings in terms of taxes, call costs, and training.

Better productivity

Productivity is increased thanks to flexible hours of the place of work (very often in countries where labor is cheap and where the time slots are not as restrictive as in Europe). Whether working on public holidays or working on weekends, the conditions are different and offer you better productivity thanks to constantly available human resources.

Quality of this offer

It should be noted that the legislation of the country in force applies to the location of the position. This is often one of the advantages that allow the company to gain flexibility on many loads.

All the infrastructures are often certified according to ISO 9001/2000 standards. This ensures reliable premises, whether in terms of software or the rest of the hardware.

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