Hearing and Voice Testing in Call Centers

The rapidly growing amount of information related to the huge demand for it means that there are more and more professions in which voice and hearing are the basic work tools. Call center consultants listen and talk a lot, so call centers should pay special attention to this aspect.

When running a call center, you should focus on many elements. It is important to equip workstations with good technology and IT systems that facilitate work and increase efficiency, but the most important aspect is taking care of people and their needs, because call centers are created primarily by people. On the one hand, it is worth focusing on motivational systems, training, as well as efficient internal communication, on the other hand, one should also look at a more down-to-earth problem, which is the issue of occupational diseases related to working with hearing and voice.

Avoid Occupational Disease

We are observing a good course of action – scientists have noticed that the issue of diseases related to voice and hearing does not only concern teachers, but also other professional groups, including telephone consultants. Research is conducted on the impact of voice and hearing disorders on the quality of life of employees.

And how should a call center take care of the hearing of employed consultants on a daily basis?

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the consultants’ workplace is properly equipped. All rooms in which they work should be equipped with elements that reduce or reduce noise – these can be, for example, floor coverings or suspended ceilings. You should also take care of the proper organization of the space in which the consultants work, that is, take into account the appropriate distance between employees in open space rooms.

Unfavorable Noise

An important step is also the risk assessment and risk assessment of the noise level in the call center. This does not directly affect the hearing organ, but the consultant’s psyche, which, however, definitely translates into the quality of the conversation with the client. It is difficult to describe the product in a vivid and correct manner in terms of sales and content in the surrounding noise and chatter. Additionally, the noise makes the consultant raise his voice during the conversation, which does not affect his articulation apparatus.

There is no doubt that the less external interference reaches the consultant’s ear, the better the result of the conversation, i.e. the greater the probability of making the decision expected by the agent on the other side of the handset. Therefore, each call center should regularly outsource noise level tests to independent external companies.

In both our branches, we systematically do such research, general and so-called workplace measurement at selected call center workstations – says Our CEO. – Each time the results are satisfactory, our call center is quiet and we meet all the necessary standards.

The equipment, i.e. the headphones, is also an important issue. It is imperative that they are binaural headphones with noise reduction. It should also be remembered that such equipment wears out quickly, so the basis is regular replacement of headphones, i.e. the basic tool for consultants in a call center.

Telemarketing calls are an ideal sales channel for many products and services. However, it should be remembered that the work of a telephone consultant is not only benefits, but also threats. They should be monitored and prevented by taking care of the working conditions and devices used by call center employees on a daily basis.

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