Management of a call center for making appointments: a management tool


Show how managing a call center makes it possible to respond effectively to requests for appointments.

Show that the analysis of Call Center Services statistics is a human resources management tool.

Key points

The objective indicators are represented by the dissuasion rate and by the number of calls handled per agent per half-day.

Knowing the number of calls according to the days of the week makes it possible to adapt human resources.


A deterrence greater than 5% despite good performance indicators should lead to consideration of additional recruitment.


Appointment scheduling is a strategic element in the operation of the imaging department. The establishment of a Call Center Services makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of appointment scheduling by specifying the rate of telephone deterrence (the correspondent is asked to call back later because of too long a wait, usually longer than 5 minutes). The analysis of calls, per half-day, makes it possible to adapt the number of agents to needs, in particular with larger numbers at the start of the week.

An objective indicator is the number of calls handled per agent, obtained by the average activity of Call Center Services agents. When the average number of calls handled per agent is satisfactory, the observation that deterrence is too high must lead to an adaptation of the workforce.

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