Healthcare Outsourcing Services               

At Real Interact we help private and public organizations to improve the patient experience, the precision of primary communication, maximize the value of each conversation, and make health care services more accessible. As specialists in providing healthcare services, we connect with your patients through many communication channels.

All operators in our call center receive in-depth advice on how to convey empathy, dissuade conflicts and resolve problems quickly. Our healthcare specialists are also trained in medical terminology, claims, and payment processing should your entity require it. Agents are available anytime your patients need to engage with your organization.

Do you need to outsource your call center?

Real Interact is an Argentine company that guarantees quality services, state-of-the-art technology, specialized personnel, intelligent processes, and constant monitoring of each project.

Health Industry

From our call center we work with:

Government Entities (Municipalities, Ministries, Secretaries, etc)

Hospitals and Clinics

Prepaid Medicine



Manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies

Some of the Services Offered

Health information line.

Emergency patient care

Shift setting services

Patient satisfaction surveys

Verification of eligibility for plan coverage, etc.

Healthcare Outsourcing Services

Medical centers and healthcare industry organizations face enormous challenges in providing quality patient experiences without overloading administrative staff, working with a partner like Real Interact is without a doubt an opportunity to scale your care service. to the patient.

Better patient care

The well-being of patients depends entirely on the accuracy of the information and the quality of the services they receive. The presence of agents who are familiar with the needs of people who have the skill and experience to respond to different situations also helps create a positive experience for them.

Manage call volume

A dedicated contact center can handle high call volumes while keeping wait time and abandonment rates to a minimum. Providing proactive customer service and creating high levels of engagement remains a challenge for healthcare professionals despite their qualifications and the availability of advanced technology.


Outsourcing to a contact center allows you to scale equipment and technology as your client and patient base grows. This gives you a lot of flexibility and control. This also helps your organization expand and reduce costs in the process. Healthcare center services allow you to offer multi-channel support via email, SMS, or calls.

We are here to help provide quality service. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Real Interact is an Argentine company that guarantees quality services, state-of-the-art technology, specialized personnel, intelligent processes and constant monitoring of each project.

Real Interact Benefits

One of our key features is that we respond quickly to patients. and / or potential patients for this reason we reduce stress levels and the burden on your main staff and improve the patient experience. We take follow-up steps with patients to ensure their satisfaction and positive feedback. We help maintain patient records.

Another of our features is that you can continuously evaluate the performance of our call center having direct access to the activity in real time and consistent reports.

Benefits of outsourcing services

Real Interact can offer a 24 × 7 contact center and you can obtain the following benefits among others for your public or private organization.

Minimizing administrative tasks to your internal staff

Greater efficiency through fast, efficient and standardized processes

No loss of contact with your patients, providers and affiliates

More time to focus on medical care

Increased productivity by minimizing downtime

Less time and hassles in human resources and operations.

Helps reduce cancellations, rescheduling, patient complaints, and no-shows

Helps eliminate costs related to wear and tear on staff and facility space.

Our offices and Contact Center

defaulting call center management

collection management consultancy

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