Employees born after 1995 are said to be confident, lazy and disloyal. The youngest generation on the labor market is a real challenge for employers. What are they looking for and why is a call center an ideal job for them?

Generation Z – Employees Perfect for a Call Center?

Possibility of working any time, deciding on your professional paths and having influence on the project or workplace. Such features must be met by an employer who wants to have “Zetka” in his team. Add to this list the possibility of taking longer holidays (to pursue your own passion), deciding how much and effectively you work (bonuses) and the opportunity to try different professional areas or projects. While these requirements are difficult to meet in companies with a classic structure and division of roles, work in a contact center responds to many of them.

For many young people, working in a call center is the very beginning of their professional career. They come here immediately after graduation or during the first years of study. Many stay longer, get promoted, and most contact center project managers start “on the phone”.

Is Said to Be

According to the report of the Marketing Association “Study of the outsourcing call / contact center industry” – the largest group of employees are people in two age groups, 26-30 and 31-40. According to the survey, telephone consultants are now around 25 years old, contact center leaders and managers are most often between the ages of 25 and 30, and project managers are usually under forty years of age. Young people in large centers and companies providing contact center services constitute the majority of employees.

Hours “My Way”

Some contact centers work 24/7, which allows you to freely set your work schedule and take, for example, only evenings or mornings, or juggle the dates so that they match your study plan or other duties. Dedicated applications that automatically plan the work of the entire team, taking into account the expectations of employees, the employer and – most importantly – forecasting the number of phone calls at a given time are helpful for tasks related to scheduling.

The young employee should declare the minimum number of hours he is able to work a month. There may be a minimum of 80 hours per month, which are then scheduled over 2, 4 and 8-hour shifts. Contrary to appearances, this formula of work in a call center allows “Zetkos” to pursue their passions, develop, travel, in a word – to implement the “work-life balance” formula. Important for young people, especially in the context of the data from the SW Research report, “Youth in the labor market. How are they looking for her? Where do they find it? ”, Where as many as 69% of employees say that flexible working hours are just a dream.

We like to learn

Each new employee is subject to training, which – depending on the project on which he will work – may last a week or even a month. They can expect product knowledge related to the specificity of a given hotline, but also deepening their skills in sales techniques or coping with stress. Each module is led by a trainer specialized in a given issue, the largest contact center companies have the best specialists permanently employed in their structures. In the call center, young employees can count on professional mentoring, during which people with the best results in their area share their knowledge and suggest effective behaviors that allow the conversation to be conducted in the expected direction.

Close, Modern, Friendly

Companies in the contact center industry care about their employees. Many of them are constantly recruiting and are aware that no one is a better ambassador for an employer than current employees. Caring for them begins with planning the location of contact centers, which are most often located in modern office buildings in the centers of large cities, so as to have access to large markets of potential employees, but also to enable students to get to work comfortably and quickly. or going back to class. Offices are equipped with modern solutions that optimize and make the workplace friendly – chillout rooms, spacious kitchens, lockers for personal belongings.

The youngest employees forced employers to focus not only on business goals. Corporate CSR for Generation Z cannot exist solely on paper. Young people really want to involve themselves and the companies in which they work to care for the environment, their immediate surroundings or in innovative projects.


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