Higher Education Lead Generation via Live Chat

It is a challenging task to employ marketing strategies that would produce high-quality leads in the Higher Education field. In this article, we’ll discuss higher education lead generation.

Education Leads


Education Live Chat

In today’s fast-paced era, marketing via conventional methods to get educational leads is not enough. This is because prospective students search the educational websites before they apply for any program in higher education institutions. For this reason, it is important to apply proper marketing tactics to get education leads.

Education lead generation

A report suggests that more than 60% of admission directors missed the opportunity in 2017 to fulfill their enrollment goals in higher education. It is hard to convey and convince prospective students via print ads or brochures.

Realizing this, marketers for higher education have opted for more modern marketing techniques like content marketing, social media, SEO, etc. to create awareness of their programs among prospective students. However, not all of them are able to generate good results.

It takes hours or even days to get answers to the questions that a student has. It can also take multiple visits to offices which makes higher education services a provider of relatively poor customer experience.

There are a few things that can be done to help improve higher education services, customer experience and also education lead generation. Our focus here is on having a live chat option on the website.

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Live Chat for Education

  • Websites for higher education are robust, there are multiple tabs and many pages to go through, which can confuse students. It is best not to leave visitors to information overload. Live chat for education can help the visitors get quick answers to their questions or a specific link and department they’re looking for. It can also be used for research in higher education.
  • Another benefit of education live chat is driving enrollment for the prospective students. Their questions can be answered in no time, they can be redirected to admission representatives for additional information, and they can also be invited for the campus tour. Standing out among higher education institutions while there are hundreds of options for the students is vital.
  • It is vital to connect with students in the initial phase of discovery because the rising costs and difficult application process can be overwhelming for students and can lead to missed outreach attempts. For this reason, college and universities around the globe are opting for live chat option while education planning.

Live chat can clear the hindrances that can lead the students to a probable missed higher education opportunity because of false assumptions or wrong information. According to research in higher education, a large number of applicants for four-year programs would abandon their online college application before they submit it. This increases the importance of live chat on college and university educational website and it should be an important part of education planning.

Giving a human touch to higher education marketing is a preference for both the students and colleges. It is valid to assume that to keep a competitive advantage and to attract and enroll top students, having a live chat option on the website is a must.

Whenever an applicant faces any trouble or hindrance during application submission, they can connect with live chat agents for the information they are looking for. Therefore, having education live chat can lower abandonment results and can also lead to an increase in higher education lead generation.

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