If you are just entering your career path and wondering which way to take your first steps, the call center may be a great choice for you.

What does this job look like and what to expect? Should you be afraid?

Most young people undertake occasional seasonal activities, which, unfortunately, do not contribute to the growth of competences needed by the market. It’s never too early to think seriously about your future. Instead of handing out leaflets in the cold, make the right choice – choose a job that will be a strong point in your CV. Who knows, maybe it is in the call center that you will stay longer.

A Friendly Place

People of different ages and at different stages of their careers meet in a call center. There are pupils, students, graduates, but also young mothers and people aged 50+.

Various reasons decide about starting a job – some need a flexible schedule, others strive for financial independence – they want to earn their own money without neglecting their studies or other duties.

The call center, whose working hours coincide with the time of children’s stay in the kindergarten, turned out to be a godsend for Ewa. Thanks to the favorable conditions of employment, she was able to return to the market after her parental leave.

The First Cats Behind the Fences

Have you been accepted? Great, but what next? The first day of working with clients is preceded by training sessions aimed at equipping telemarketers with both sales skills and detailed knowledge of the offer. Despite their theoretical preparation, all newcomers have the same fears. What stresses freshly recruited consultants the most before making the first call?

Fear has big eyes and we fear what we don’t know. It’s hard to stay calm when you don’t know what to expect. Young employees are most concerned about their stress during the call – suddenly they will run out of words and won’t know what to say. The second common cause of concern is the concern that they will not have satisfactory sales results.

A Helping Hand

Coaches and team leaders provide tips and share all their knowledge, because they want their teams to achieve the best results. Each of the sellers knows perfectly well what they will be doing on a given day, because they are assigned to one specific sales project. Projects last from several weeks to several months.

In addition to the support of coaches and trainers in the call center, you can count on the help of more experienced colleagues from neighboring desks. Each of them remembers what it was like when they started out, which is why the more advanced ones are happy to advise beginners.

Meetings with superiors, training’s, listening to own and other consultants’ conversations – all this has a great impact on the development of competences of people working in the call center. During the meeting with the coach, you can talk about the difficulties encountered. Listening to the problematic recording allows you to analyze, draw conclusions and set directions for further work.

Over time, each employee gains skill and implements the rhythm. The variety of people and situations makes routine out of the question and keeps telemarketers moving forward. Their experience is enriched day by day, which brings increased self-confidence and better results.

Suddenly, it turns out that you learn quickly, you can focus and work efficiently, phone calls are not a problem for you and you can react accurately in any unexpected situation. You can handle these skills in life!

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