The way of selling, promoting and getting clients advances at a fast pace every year. Companies and platforms manage to launch tools that make interactions immediate. There are a couple of elements that remain as a foolproof plan when it comes to achieving sales and they are CRM and Email Marketing. Real Interact explain why this combination continues to be a winner and everything you need to know to apply it.

Managing clients by email and keeping them informed by this means is not new and although it can be dismissed sometimes it is still as effective as it was in the beginning. In the same measure, when offering products or services to users on social networks or web portals, you must have a plan to capture their attention and answer any questions that may arise immediately and without complications.

Precisely these marketing resources that persist over time can give the necessary boost to your brand like any other sophisticated application. You just have to have a good strategy and contact marketing specialists to plan the best methods to use them.

What is CRM?

If you are new to the world of digital sales, you must be wondering what CRM is and the answer is simple. It is Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that is, a manager of relations with buyers or clients. It is defined as a program where you can put all the information about your clients. The platform is used to comprehensively monitor interactions between your company and consumers.

Why is it important to have it? Because the ages, preferences, places where they live and other data of potential clients are determined and these are fundamental data to start a correct and well-directed CRM and Email marketing strategy. By knowing what interests and can be useful to the buyer, you will have an effective weapon to sell your product or service by email and on any tradable platform.

Free CRMs abound on the Internet that cover the basic needs of a company at all levels. They are easy to use tools that take information directly from Gmail and Google Apps to start with the analysis of users. It is clear that there is a chain of procedures to follow to achieve the perfect combination of CRM and Email Marketing.

The CRM and Email marketing strategy

Before you can collect customer data for later analysis and offer them products of interest, you have to get emails. The way to do it will depend on the platform you work on, be it a blog, specialized web portal, social networks or content records. Once you have a good subscriber base, you will have the basics to get the CRM of your choice and start with email marketing.

Email campaigns are powerful because they come at the right times and to the right people. When structuring a strategy, you must think about what time of day the email should arrive, how often, what content it should have and what title is the most appropriate to get the user to decide to click and confirm what it is about. This is effective with users who register on your website or decided to subscribe to the blog.

Now, when it comes to corporate clients with international reach, the use of sending commercial material through virtual fax is really valuable. Fax continues to appear as a secure tool without the risk of information hacking. The data of your company to your allies or clients arrive directly to their fax, regardless of the country of destination, and it fulfills its function of promoting.

The combination of CRM and Email Marketing is powerful. Once you manage the data and develop a strategy, your brand will grow impressively. However, there are other resources that can simplify the task by unifying the database with sending emails.

It grows with the help of professionals

The task of integrating CRM and Email Marketing into your business is complex and requires a significant investment of time, effort and money. However, these sacrifices can come to nothing if you do not have the knowledge about the applications, the strategies and the way to promote the products or services.

What is the solution?

Enlist the help of professionals in digital media, web positioning, social media marketing, and web designers. With the advice of experts you can start a new stage of marketing and customer acquisition in your established company or in an emerging venture anywhere in the world. They install the most suitable CRM for your business and a telephony network to maintain direct contact with your clients.

Now that you know everything about CRM and Email Marketing, start today with the optimization of your blog, web portal or social networks of your company. Take advantage of available resources and start generating income with the help of the most effective tools.

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