From the beginning of the activities of a company, the question arises, how to attract and retain customers? In pre-operational meetings of the strategic levels of the organization, ideas are discussed to attract customers through traditional mechanisms. According to experiences of successful companies, a light is visualized at the end of the tunnel and a premise of satisfied customers with Contact Center evolves .
The Contact Center originates from the fusion of traditional customer service orientations. It is a new, integrative and projected tool thinking solely and exclusively on efficiency in dealing with the client. Concentrating on an intelligent operations center that offers video conferencing services, Back Office , Call Center , social networks and other mass media, comprehensive advice, among others.

Advantages of the Contact Center :

  • Attention 24 hours a day: thinking that a well-attended customer is a very valuable asset for the company, the philosophy of the Contact Center has been created, which has well-trained operators, who work in shifts, to attend to the requirements at any time. and consumer needs.
    Trained staff: organizations know that the first contact with their customer is the operator, therefore, they must ensure that they have at their disposal a friendly, courteous, patient, kind, proactive staff, with good diction, a positivist approach and who is capable of win customers to the company through the Contact Center.
  • Customer loyalty: a closer link between the organization and the consumer, achieved through the Contact Center , creates favorable levels of trust and loyalty to the company. According to Philip Kotler, potential customers are those who will necessarily purchase goods or services from companies in the future.
  • Prioritize the needs of consumers: it is important to highlight that by having a channel that allows greater dealings with the customer, the company will be able to inquire about their tastes and preferences, implementing marketing methods, to meet their needs, requirements and guidance on customers. products or services offered by the organization.
  • Encourages customer traffic: According to the American Management Association , a poorly served customer tells an average of ten people about the inadequate treatment received. It should be noted that with the excellent service, achieved with the Contact Center , it will promote the recommendations, because they are well attended to in favor of the company.
  • Intelligent platform: it allows to have a reliable and trustworthy data of all the calls made by the buyers, their requirements, complaints, needs, frequency of requests. Seen in this way, it will guide the tabulation of the data to make projections and statistical variables in order to optimize customer service.
  • Increase business economies: when the organization concentrates in an operations center: personalized and careful attention, good treatment, promptness in solving problems, constant advice, updated information, in the Contact Center , in one place, it will allow greater efficiency to lower cost, which translates into constant cash flow for all company operations.

Services offered by the Contact Center

  • Videoconferencing: it is a technological tool that enables two-way communication in real time of audio and video. It shortens the distances, and among its greatest benefits are the significant increase in productivity and efficiency in the company. Be part of the new trends in smart business and the Contact Center .
  • Back Office : it is a term that translates external office, dependence on the back of the organization. It covers all the administrative procedures of the company and is essential in the solvency controls of the clients, as well as to avoid payment rotations. It allows digitizing all customer support documentation to reduce file costs and facilitate access, to channel claims and doubts.
  • Call Center : means call center, and represents another valuable element in customer service linked by the Contact Center . It is made up of a panel of operators, duly trained in knowing the purpose of the company, its mission and the product or service it sells.
  • Social Networks and other massive means of communication : the Contact Center also has other means of communication for efficient customer service. Social Networks: they represent a valuable, technological tool, available to the organization, for consumer contact and attention. They also allow the deployment of referential informative bulletins, of the products or services provided by the company.

The Contact Center , are aligned with the new era of attention to the client, and it is there where all the technological tools quantitative and qualitative human quality that will make your company a benchmark intelligent world – renowned center for considering the client as most important in your production process.

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