The happy ending of the process of building reliable and long-term relationships with the consumer is possible only thanks to caring for his positive customer experience. There is a reason why as many as 89%  of companies today compete primarily with comprehensive Call Center Services.

Consultant VS Client – Building Relationships

The modern consumer is distinguished by high market awareness, while the consultant has a huge impact on the overall customer experience. In order to build a strong relationship with the consumer based on loyalty, the service department has many tools to quickly, effectively and efficiently solve his problems. The results of research conducted indicate that 52% of consumers resign from cooperation with a specific brand, which is most often caused by poor or low-quality customer service. Moreover, customer frustration is intensified by the necessity to contact them repeatedly in the same matter, long waiting times for a connection or the unkindness of consultants, which was noted by 83% of respondents.

In the perspective of building strong relationships with the consumer, taking into account the functioning of customer service departments, experts forecast that:

  • Over 50% of companies will decide to implement significant changes in the brand’s business model in order to influence the quality of customer service
  • 55% of consumers declare that they would be able to pay more for better customer service than before
  • 72% of companies indicate that improving the quality of customer service within the organization is their priority
  • 4-8% – this is how much the profit of companies that are leaders in customer service increases
  • 62% of companies treat consumer ratings in terms of service quality as a differentiator on the market and an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the industry
  • 89% of customers resigned from business contacts with the brand due to low-quality service
  • 95% of consumers discuss a bad customer service experience with family and friends
  • 90% of consumers complain about the low level of customer service on mobile devices

Consultant – Client Relations: Tools

The essence of the consultant’s relationship with the client is the efficient management of contact with him and ensuring the highest level of his satisfaction. A number of proven and selected systems and tools that support the work of the customer service department, especially at the level of requests, definitely help in this:

  1. Multidimensional Voice Menu (IVR) , which allows you to choose the contact path, automatic identification and verification of the consumer, efficient call redirection in the case of an overcrowded queue, voicemail, playback of responses.
  2. Reporting algorithms oscillate around  skills-based routing  and  profit-based routing . The first allows you to route calls to specific consultants with the appropriate skills, and the second queues the call, taking into account the waiting time, customer priority and the consultant’s skills.
  3. Overflow  – a type of connection queues that get the status of a failover, e.g. waiting too long for a connection.
  4. Call Back  – a system calling back to the consumer.

Consumer loyalty and trust is built through reliable and professional communication with the service department. The call center should pay attention to customer preferences and develop the communication channels they want to use. Only in this way consultants have a chance to create a long-term relationship with the client and thus take care of the company’s image in the industry.

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