Many companies use Call Center satisfaction surveys to obtain feedback from their customers. Indeed, knowing the reason for customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is a way to build customer loyalty, and therefore encourage them to repeat their purchases from your brand.

But for your campaigns to bear fruit, you need to know when to conduct Call Center satisfaction surveys.

In what follows, we will therefore focus on this subject.

When to conduct Call Center surveys?

First, you should know that the Call Center survey is a basic element, a technique to be preferred when you want to get opinions, feedback and opinions from customers who have already bought your product.

But beware: to maximize the success of your call campaign, you must refine it according to your target. If your customers are individuals, it is better to target the hours when they are at home, in the evening or at noon, but not when they are busy looking after their children, for example.

Conversely, if you work with professionals, it is better to favor office hours, and better still: hours when they will not be in a meeting.

Of course, your employees are not always able to work outside normal working hours.

So what can you do?

The success of a Call Center satisfaction survey is largely due to the number of respondents that your employees can call and to the fact that they get good answers.

Carrying out a survey, when no one answers, is like cooking a good little dish that nobody wants to taste, because nobody wants to eat or because it is not yet time for meal.

So the trick is to call your customers at the right time, but when?

If you want to conduct your Call Center satisfaction survey at a time when people are more receptive, it is best to avoid the weekend. Many studies show that response rates are much better on weekdays.

For a high response rate, try to conduct your surveys in the late afternoon or early evening. It is during these times that people are more likely to answer you, for example on their mobile devices, rather than on their desk phone.

How important, you say? Indeed, during a survey, you will have to ask several open questions that require more time. If you call your customers at the end of the day or during their lunch breaks, they will be more inclined to give you some of their time.

What time should you do your survey exactly?

Like you, your customers don’t like answering your calls at 7 a.m. This is when they start their day, and calls can peak around 10 a.m. However, this diminishes at lunch break and starts again to reach their maximum around 2 p.m. Then, the number of calls generally decreases overnight.

It would therefore be best to find a time slot between these times if you want more answers.

Use a chat-bot to do a satisfaction survey at the right time

Thanks to the development of new technologies and artificial intelligence, new tools have appeared recently. They can help you conduct your satisfaction surveys over the phone. These are, in fact, voice chat-bots or call-bots.

For example, you can use a voice chat-bot to conduct your surveys, without the inconvenience. This tool can drastically reduce the costs of your campaigns and requires no human intervention once the tool is in place.

More specifically, a call-bot can initiate a conversation with your customers, independently. It can be integrated into your chat platforms, like Messenger, or your website.

Using natural language, the call-bot can initiate a Call Center conversation with the other party. It also uses artificial intelligence to be able to understand the questions and provide answers in the most relevant way possible when needed. As part of a satisfaction survey, this conversational agent allows you to save 10-30% of your investment. In addition, its implementation is easy and its design can be adapted to the image of your company.

Why not entrust the carrying out of Call Center satisfaction surveys to independent telemarketers?

A satisfaction survey is essential to help you adjust your marketing strategy according to the needs of your customers. But you can also use it for other purposes, for example to qualify your contact files or to optimize your costs.

It sounds a bit complex, but it is wise to note that there is a link between satisfaction and customer loyalty.

On the one hand, there may be consumers who are dissatisfied with your products or services. On the other hand, there are those who are loyal to your brand.

A Call Center satisfaction survey therefore allows you to isolate the sources of dissatisfaction, but also to establish a positive and lasting relationship with customers who are satisfied with your offer. In the latter case, the survey constitutes a real means of loyalty.

No one can deny it, carrying out a satisfaction survey is not an easy thing. If you want it to be successful, it is usually necessary to outsource this task to independent telemarketers who are the best qualified and have the necessary resources in this area.

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