The Cloud Contact Center is a virtual platform that allows companies to meet the needs of customers, through calls and text messaging online , backed by the cloud, without large investments in equipment or software license.

The understood on the internet by cloud is; a virtual storage platform on the web, which houses large amounts of data and content, this can be defined as a set of servers on the web, which has the purpose of storing most of the files and programs, in order to free the internal memories of the equipment and transform the sense of storage. The cloud is universal, it is found on the internet and is not subject to country or region restrictions, anywhere in the world you can participate in web storage, and also consult it.

Likewise, it is important to define the term Contact Center, to give a better understanding of the virtual Cloud Contact Center platform . It is a specific space or area to make or receive calls to external and internal customers, partners, suppliers and companies associated with a company. This is a communication and direct relationship tool, based on methodologies and adequate work processes to meet the needs and provide customer service, in a personalized and direct way, establishing human and personal relationships with ties, company-client, with the purpose of making it a loyal user of the organization.

In this case, the Cloud Contact Center can be defined as an intelligent network platform hosted in the cloud, which can be configured according to the priorities and needs of each company, as required to give attention to its users and partners. This is a pioneering technology that reduces investment costs in companies, since it avoids the acquisition of devices necessary for customer service, as well as the installation of furniture and service expenses.

This platform has different software and applications that offer this work modality, and they adapt to cloud storage, each of these has a variation in its updates, and they offer services that can be options to choose according to the needs of the companies that require the service, and also adapts to the objectives they have. There are some free subscription applications and their installation is simple and practical, mostly it is not required to pay high license costs, but there are specific requirements on the devices where the program will run.

Strengths of the Cloud Contact Center

One of the main characteristics for the Cloud Contact Center is the fact that it allows the use of several advanced communication channels, such as traditional calls, live chat, email, video calls, explanatory videos, among others. For example, a client can change the option of the traditional call for instant messaging in real time, thus he can solve his situation quickly, avoid waiting times, and generate a fluid communication with the company from which he receives the service. This action influences the interaction that customers may have with the company and breaks with the usual system of phone calls.

In today’s society, variety marks a style, this characteristic is important, since it determines a reputation in the perception of the new generation of users, these multi-channels give the aspect of inclusion to the different members of society, their needs, tastes , preferences, deficiencies and abilities. The important thing is the fact that the client’s request is attended to in real time, clearly and directly, thus offering better service and customer service.

Another benefit of the Cloud Contact Center is that it allows agent versatility, so brands can hire agents from anywhere in the world and, therefore, offer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if necessary. These solutions allow operators to work through multiple Call Centers or anywhere else, even from their homes, and thus do so more effectively, giving brands more flexibility and maximum efficiency.

In this case, this flexibility brings with it other important benefits that will raise working conditions and efficiency in customer service, these representatives of the brand or company experience a level of agility in the management of user data through various channels and help them solve cases more accurately.

One more solution that the cloud offers for the Contact Center is the profitability of the service, since it significantly reduces the costs it requires, generally installing a contact center. Cloud solutions can be upgraded free of charge, thus allowing you to integrate platforms and save money, using the “pay-as-you-go” model and even testing the solution first with the free trial version.

The Cloud Contact Center represents a greater experience for users, by employing trained agents who work efficiently 24 hours a day around the world, the natural result is an overall improvement in customer service. Users will realize and appreciate the modernity of a business that manages their cases easily and quickly, all from the web. In turn, this improves the experience of operators, this modality also encourages them when they notice that they can work in versatile conditions that boost their efficiency, allowing them to offer better experiences to customers.

Despite all the benefits to the contact center that the cloud offers, studies have shown that only 18% of contact centers have fully integrated their service channels to the cloud, as shown by a survey, recognized worldwide for his studies in areas related to the web and Millennial issues. However, according to a Research, the global cloud-based contact center market is expected to reach a value of $ 20.9 billion in this year.

Every company that needs to maintain direct contact with its customers and improve its business relationships should consider using the Cloud Contact Center , as this can be an excellent option to improve its customer service. Adding technology to your lines of work will update your style and the organizational design of the company, attracting with it a new range of clients, especially a generation that seeks services attached to their tastes and daily life on the web.

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