Recent research shows that COVID has had a huge impact on moving many companies to cloud-based platforms. In Start of 2020, only 14% of companies openly practiced the remote working strategy. By mid-April of the following year, this number had risen to 71%! Due to the pandemic and related restrictions, companies were “forced” to allow their employees to work remotely. This situation has affected most industries. This also applies to cloud call center, which many organizations have started to practice.

It is not difficult to imagine how many companies were not prepared for such a transformation. It is like a car race for which you are not ready. The truth is, however, that you only need a few simple tips to increase your chances of winning. What does a cloud call center have to do with racing and how to increase the competitiveness of your company?

The Right Technology

Let’s take a look at what’s behind a successful race. Certainly, one of the most important elements is car tires. Engineering teams use the most complex technology to make the tire durable and hold the car on the track. Such a tire has to cope with different temperatures without losing traction. And what is the importance of the right technology for a cloud contact center? Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, the cloud service contains all communication elements in one place. Therefore, consultants have full insight into customer information. The cloud enables the introduction of rapidly changing software as a SaaS service. Files, disk back-ups, data management and storage systems can all be online. A contact center in the cloud will not lose traction like a good tire.

High Level of Services

Think of service architecture as the fastest and most resistant material that can be placed in a race car. Cloud contact center services can give you high speed during your “training” or intense Black Friday shopping season. The cloud-based business will not go down due to “material wear”. Such material heals itself – that is, services update – without any downtime. You don’t have to pause your work and you won’t feel any “bumps” on the road, and neither will your customers and your IT team. All thanks to automation and self-updating. New features are delivered on a regular basis. And – compared to a stationary contact center – one click is enough to update the system. Just imagine the time you will gain thanks to such a solution.

Reliable System

Every racing car needs a suitable engine. In the contact center industry, a good engine, i.e. a system based on appropriate standards, is also required. Modern technologies are changing dynamically. Now the contact center is based on predictive routing, thanks to which the client will find the best consultant who will solve his problem at a given moment. And this entails increasing his satisfaction and improving the company’s results.

Perfect Supplier

Returning to our track and car, we will take into account one more very important element of a successful race, which is the driver. Even a perfect car cannot win a race without a skilled and confident driver. It is his task to adapt the ride to all factors, such as weather changes or track problems. A contact center in the cloud, in order to function “at top speed”, should be implemented by an appropriate provider. An ideal supplier will not only sell your service, but will be with you at every stage of its introduction, and even beyond. It is thanks to him that, having no idea about cloud solutions, you will learn their trouble-free service.

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