With the advancement of technology, it is increasingly necessary to improve communication and customer service in companies. The “Click to Call” buttons are key pieces in improving communication and customer service in any company. We can find them on any website. But what is the Click to Call phenomenon? Because you need it?   Will it be useful to your business in any way? How can you use it?

In other words, the “Click to Call” phenomenon is an easier, faster and more reliable form of communication. A person clicks a button or a link, and immediately makes a phone call with a company customer service agent. The immediate connection can be processed in a phone call or through a cloud-based phone system.

With the Click to Call you can dial a number automatically in a simple click. It is that easy. You just have to install the button on your website or app for your customers to call you.

Why is the Click to Call Button important?

The Click to call phenomenon is very important for any company, since it enables closeness and speed in communication with customers. With the click to call your clients can contact you without any complication and instantly. You will no longer have to include on your website: “Contact us”, where you enter your phone number (s) manually. The click to call reduces the efforts that customers may experience to try to contact the company.

Thus, installing a click to call button successfully eliminates the task of manually entering your number. The click to call phenomenon is also important for users of mobile devices.

In the 21st century and with the digital revolution, we want things to happen quickly and instantly. Therefore, being up to date with all the advances that technology provides us will always be an advantage for any company. If this also translates into a better service for clients to solve their problems and doubts quickly, you will have satisfied clients and new insured clients.

Furthermore, you will be able to communicate with clients from all over the world for free and comfortably. Your potential clients will only have to click on your website button to be able to communicate with you. Thanks to this tool, any client can communicate with you from anywhere in the world for free.

In addition, the functionalities provided by the “Click to Speak” button are multiple, including immediate communication, with HD sound quality, and may include welcome messages, waiting queues, call statistics, etc. So you can know who is calling you at all times and from where, having the opportunity to offer you a more personalized service.

The Click to Call Button, how does it work?

Another question that may come to mind may be, how does the click to call Button really work? We solve your doubts.

First of all, This Service Provider Company provides you a code that you will have to copy and paste on your website. Thus the WebRTC Click to call button will appear on the web. This button works with both WordPress, Magento, Drupal or any other web developer builders. Once installed, you can customize it as you want, applying the colors and shapes that best suit you.

Thus, each user of your website who wants to contact the company, will see a striking button and will know that pressing on it will establish instant communication. As you can see, at no time are we talking about physical phones since these are not needed to make these types of calls. The click to call phenomenon works through an Internet connection, in the case of communication in the cloud. This reduces costs and the possibility of calling from any point in the world, to another point, without any limitation.

Click to Call button

With just one click the client gets in direct contact with the company. A company agent will receive the call through its WebRTC line, both in the virtual switchboard and in the call center. The communication will have an HD quality, without hearing background noises or cutting the call. Also, for free! There will be no costs for those who call you in any case. Only for an annual price, you can receive unlimited calls from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the hassle of companies having to buy calling cards from abroad. Everything is included in the same package.

The benefits of the click to call phenomenon are multiple, with all the features it offers. Most importantly, speed and low costs. In addition, you will have a more professional and attractive website, allowing your clients to contact you easily. New clients are insured.

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