Chat Support Services to Boost Your Home Builders Business


Quality customer service plays an important role in any business because customers help grow your business by spreading the word. There are numerous factors that play a role in promoting builders business via website.

Investing in an Attractive Website

An attractive website is professional, clean and it encourages customers to stay and explore what it has to offer. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that online visitors would buy your service or product.

The website is the doorway to sales for many residential building companies. Since many customers will come across your website, it’s your website that should convince them that it’s worth their time.

Quick Answer to Queries

New customers who visit your website are unsure about your services or products and would like to reach out to you for more information. It could be via website’s contact form e.g., Madison Home builders have one; or social media profiles or via email. It is vital to answer the queries thoroughly and as soon as possible.

Minimizing the Gap between Sales and Marketing

According to a marketing consultant Joe Sullivan, There is a deficiency of order between sales and marketing which leads to missed prospects for business development in the builders industry.

Effective marketing via website is one way to convert leads into new sales. People look for construction companies online using popular keywords like home builders, home builders near me or best home builders; and your website is the best source for potential customers to find and eventually contact you for your services.

How Do You Close the Contract?

There are a number of factors, i.e., what is included on your website, which can lead to closing a deal with the potential buyer. It should be easier for the customers to contact you or to ask you any questions that they may have.

Having 24/7 Live Chat Support Services for Home Builders Business

Adding FAQ’s to a website is recommended however, since builders and construction related business is a complicated occupation, it is best to include 24/7 live chat support services to answer their questions, or better yet, to find out their specific questions and get a Sales manager in touch with them after collecting their contact information.

live chat for home builders


Trust Comes Beforehand Sales

Since shoppers who are looking to build or renovate their homes have unlimited options available, trust is an essential requirement for sales. A customer who gets an appropriate response within minutes would definitely trust you more, rather than one who gets a reply after a day. For this reason, speed is very important in today’s age and adding a live chat feature exactly does that. Live chat is the ideal method of communication for many customers than other modes of communication.

Increase in Conversion Rates

Real time chatting with an agent helps improve conversion rates by converting leads to sales while also improving the shopping experience of customers and building their confidence. Consumers prefer getting back to a website having a live chat feature on it.


Having a live chat would be convenient for customers, according to research by Forrester, getting questions answered by a live agent is the most helpful feature a website can offer.

The type of customers who are looking to buy or to get services are interested in knowing more about product specifications, or when they are having trouble finding a specific item or if they want to compare products. These situations largely impact purchase decisions of customers. A study revealed that around 40% of online consumers take their purchase decisions because of a live chat service.

Well-trained Agents

It is equally important to remember that having well trained real live chat agents play a huge role in generating more sales. They should be equipped with up to date knowledge of the product. In addition to that, adding a human factor to a website helps gives a competitive advantage from other websites which do not use a live chat feature. This is an effective way to overcome customer distrust. Customers tend to spend more when they can get exact answers to questions they’ve asked. It adds confidence and the sales are directly affected by having a live chat feature. Having a chat support service can bring more than 20% raise in conversion rates.

Long-Term Relationships

Studies have shown that having a live chat service leads to repeat customers. Regular and satisfied customers are likely to come back and do not tend to switch. They also are less sensitive to pricing if they feel they are taken care of.

A familiar customer who will have a positive experience and a stronger association with your builders business is likely to recommend your services to their family, friends or acquaintances, which can lead to additional sales.

Additional Tips

It should be made sure that you have at least one operator available for the rest of the working day, this is because there might have a negative effect if your live chat stays more offline than online. Having a 24/7 live chat service is the best option to increase sales.

It is important to learn from the customers and to train the live chat agents for any questions that might come their way, giving away robotic replies can definitely destroy the usefulness of a live chat. In case they can’t answer a question, they should be able put the customer in touch with a manager or other qualified personnel.

Almost every business starts from scratch with no sales, however, with these strategies in place, and using chat support service can boost your home builders business to be in a situation that you can win a few sales in the beginning, which may consequently lead your way up to be best home builders in the area and to form an increasing customer base.

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