A call center is a job for people of all ages! A student, a young mother and a lady in their 50s work together here, desk to desk. In This Article We’ll Discuss about Various Career Paths in Call Center. What do the consultants themselves say about this? How do they work in such a diverse environment?

Working as a telephone consultant offers a variety of career paths. This occupation, although demanding, offers development opportunities that are not to be found in typical temporary employment places such as shops or gastronomy. Anyone who decides to work in a call center can count on a number of training’s that will prepare him to perform the duties of a telephone customer service employee or a professional salesman. Support is also provided by a team of trainers and coaches who care about the development of their pupils’ competences, monitor their work on an ongoing basis and provide guidance.

However, there are many stereotypes around the call center that should be refuted by referring to the source. People working in a call center appreciate this place for its atmosphere, friendly employment conditions and flexible working hours schedule. All these factors mean that in call centers there are people with different needs, who are at different stages of life.

Working in telemarketing is the best start to a professional career, because it helps to develop interpersonal skills, gives opportunities to improve communication with other people, and teaches self-discipline and humility

Career in Call Center

The work of a telemarketer enjoys considerable interest among students. They usually end up looking for a part-time job on vacation and stay longer, because it turns out that it is not that difficult to combine studies with work. It is known – every resourceful student tries to be as financially independent as possible from his parents, and the additional job helps to repair the student’s budget. In addition, professional experience, gained during studies, is a strong point for a CV – it shows potential employers that a young person is serious about his career and uses every opportunity to develop.

 I work 6 hours a day, which allows me to combine my work and studies. A flexible schedule is helpful here, but also my self-discipline, which I try to show. Managers understand the periods of sessions, credits and related absences with understanding. I think that the key to success here is mutual understanding, as well as respect for someone else’s work and time – says Adrian, a student working in the call center.

Full time mom

However, the employees of call centers are not only students. People who need flexible working hours for various reasons are also at home here. Returning to work after having a baby is not an easy task, especially since a young mother still has to devote a lot of time and attention to her baby. Many women, after the end of maternity leave, face a dilemma – what next? The company’s friendly approach to mothers helps them to reconcile their private and professional life and, above all, facilitates the difficult decision to return to the labor market.

The call center does not ask about age

People of mature age are highly valued employees in the call center. Focus on work, ambition, meticulousness and commitment – these are just a few features that prove the exceptional value of telemarketers aged 50+.

Managers emphasize that the working environment that connects people of all ages works extremely well. They see sincere kindness in the team, mutual help and its influence on the team’s effectiveness. Younger employees gain experience from older colleagues, and they will respond with help when the senior encounters a problem in using the computer, programs and applications necessary for work.

The specificity of working in a call center means that people at various stages of their careers meet here. Each of them will find something for themselves in this workplace – stable employment, training, development and challenges.

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