If you are not enthusiastic about Call prospecting, know that you are not alone.

In this case, here are 10 examples of Call prospecting that can encourage you, as they will allow you to maximize your chances of landing appointments.

Here are sample scripts that work, with explanations of each element.

10 examples of Call prospecting scripts for making an appointment

  1. Use the phrase “I noticed …”

“Hello, this is (your name) from (your company). I noticed that your company is currently recruiting several salespeople. I wanted to explore the possibility of collaboration between us to help you quickly find the right candidates. Would you be available for an appointment this week to talk about our service? ”

To be able to use this formula, it is important to do some preliminary research about your contact.

This script works, because it gives your contact the impression that you are not calling them out of the blue and that you have taken the time to learn more about their needs. In addition, your interlocutor will know that your call is actually intended for him.

  1. Exploit the pain points, or pain points

“Hello, this is (your name) from (your company). I saw that you are currently recruiting several salespeople. We work with companies like yours, helping them to overcome (pain point). At the same time, we are able to (save / reduce /)…. How about an appointment where I can explain to you exactly how we can treat (pain point)? ”.

Pain points vary from company to company, as does the pressing need to recruit qualified salespeople. If you manage to exploit them, you show your contacts that you understand them.

Most importantly, they will know that you could really help them.

  1. Locate the decision maker

In most cases, sales representatives are not 100% sure that they are talking to the right person. To avoid communication errors, you can say:

“Hello. I am (your name) from (your business). You are Mr / Mrs (prospect name) of the company (prospect company), right? ”

If you come across the decision maker, he will let you know. But despite your research, it is not uncommon for you to be greeted by another person, his secretary for example. In this case, use a formula like:

“Okay, great. I’m trying to get in touch with (name of prospect). Who do I have the honor to speak to? ”

Even if you cannot reach the right person, always try to speak with your contact in a positive tone.

  1. Try the expression: “I understand that …”

Remember that your contact is always in a hurry. So it’s best to introduce yourself and try to request an appointment as quickly as possible.

To make it short, use a sentence like:

“Hello Sir / Madam (name of prospect). It is (your name) from (your business). I understand that your company is looking for a way to resolve (the sensitive point, for example a lack of staff). As a specialized recruitment firm, I think we could arrange a quick meeting in the way we could help you. ”

With this formula, you will certainly be surprised at how many business contacts appreciate someone who gets straight to the point.

  1. Make your interlocutor say: “yes”

“Hello Sir / Madam (name of prospect). It is (your name) from (your business). I am contacting you today because I understand that your company is looking for a way to resolve (sensitive point). Let me ask you something …”

This question helps develop a feeling of curiosity and therefore encourages your prospect to say “yes”. Then you can encourage her to clarify her answer, which will allow you to learn more about her needs and how your offer could help her.

If the answer is “no”, you can still try to make an appointment with your contact to find common ground.

  1. The famous request “Could you…” works well…

“Hello Sir / Madam (name of prospect). My name is (your name). I work for (your company). I understand that your company is looking for (say something that connects your partner’s company to your product / service. Could you tell me about some of the (main challenges the prospect faces or something you would like to know)? “Thank you for these details. Could we arrange an appointment to see how our company could help you meet these challenges quickly?”

This script works because it encourages your caller to respond positively, which will easily result in the conclusion of an appointment.

  1. Just like the formula: “I know you are busy…”

“Hello, am I calling you at the right time?” Mr. / Mrs. (name of prospect)? I am sure you are busy and I want to respect your time. I will therefore be brief. ”

By using this expression, you can always continue the discussion, regardless of how the contact responds to you. If he says he’s really in a hurry, don’t hang up on him. Instead, continue with the formula:

“The reason for my call is as follows…. ”

Keep it short, but once the conversation has started, stop once in a while to hear what the other person is actually saying.

The goal is to have an exchange, not just to get words out of your mouth. It is a good opportunity to make your contact understand that you put it in the foreground as long as you respect their time.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use the term: “Excuse me …”

The error is human, but only the salespeople who persevere manage to mitigate the consequences. If you stumble several times, or if you are not able to answer each question perfectly, it does not matter.

There is also one thing you don’t think about: that prospect is willing to overlook occasional mistakes. They may even consider you more sympathetic if you can say little funny things like:

“Oops! Excuse me. I have something stuck in my throat, maybe it’s time for another coffee. ”

  1. Rather than just talking, ask questions

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople often make over the phone is that they don’t ask enough questions.

Of course, it is recommended that you start the first 30 seconds of your call with strong and engaging statements to the prospect, but once that is done, you should immediately start asking questions.

For example, you can start the conversation by listing some of the challenges that often drive your customers to choose your services. After that, you can ask the prospect:

“Do you also face some of these challenges?” ”

Continue to ask questions as soon as the opportunity arises, as the conversation progresses.

  1. Don’t give up easily

Does a prospect answer you with an objection when you call them?

The main thing is not to feel defeated so easily. Some prospects appreciate that you provide them with some value before they consider you worthy of their time. In this case, be cheerfully persistent, while being helpful.

Imagine your prospect saying to you:

“No, we are not interested in this issue at the moment.”

So you can say something like:

“Okay, that’s good to hear, but can you tell me a little bit about how you recruit to find the most qualified candidates?” ”

Always try to dig for more information on your contact and don’t miss the opportunity to make suggestions.

Our advice to boost your Call prospecting

Here you are, now you have 10 examples of Call prospecting scripts that you can adapt to your needs. But the most important thing is to have as much information as possible about your contacts (industry, pain points, needs, etc.).

This makes it easier to engage contacts and allows you to have a positive and lasting conversation with them. And there is no shortage of sources.

In reality, you can use the data that is already available to you, or use new technologies (Google, social networks, chat-bot, etc.) to learn more about them.

Indeed, data is essential for Call prospecting, provided that you know how to process it correctly.

If these are scattered and compartmentalized in different storage systems, it will be difficult for you to interpret or manage them. Your company should therefore use a reliable and flexible enough CRM platform to allow you to manage and cross-check all the information about your contacts.

You can thus personalize your prospecting calls and increase your appointment booking rate!

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