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At Resource Outsource, we make our experience in the implementation and management of all computer applications of the company available to clients, as we are very aware of the large number of technological tools that are managed within an organization, the degree of dependency they entail and consumption at the level of time and human resources that it requires, and for this reason we offer our clients a team of technological consultants who will be in charge of the design and implementation of new technological tools (websites, computer applications …), their maintenance service , installation of new products and / services, specialized advice, etc.

Why Outsourcing

Less Management Efforts

No Overhead Costs To Manage Resources

No Facility Cost

No Utility,Insurance & Rent to Pay

Reduces Employee Costs

No Hiring & Retention Issues

No Overheads

Reduces Cost Of Support Department

Call Center Pricing

Our Pricing Plans are Cost-Effective

Why Outsource Call Center Services

We are specialists in the partial or complete outsourcing of processes, offering a real cost reduction strategy, providing a service fully integrated with the business model of the client companies and according to the circumstances of the sector and the market to which each one belongs.

Our goal is to help our clients reduce their operational and structural costs in all those processes that do not add value to the company, so that they can dedicate and allocate their resources to processes that do provide real value.

Through this outsourcing, we managed to turn your back-office into our front office, using our experience and knowledge in the efficient management of both human and technological resources.

The benefits of this outsourcing service include cost optimization, improvement of production processes, greater operational flexibility, use of our knowledge and capabilities, and reduction of operational risks.

The constant study of the tools and services on the market has allowed us to opt for the most advanced and specialized technologies and infrastructures, at the height of the demands and needs of our clients.

We are in constant evolution and innovation to be able to offer a service that provides maximum benefit.

We have the latest generation of VMWare virtualization systems, Integrated PBX Software and CTI, which translates into maximum flexibility and scalability.

We offer customer management services, regardless of the channel used, whether through calls, emails, chats, click to call, etc.

For this, we put at your disposal, all the investment in technology, training and experience of our agents, which allows us to offer a complete Omni channel service.

Our clients have real-time access to service information, with a clear, transparent and continuous reporting system.


Give us a call, send us an email or a letter - or drop by to have a chat. We are always here to help out in whatever way we can.



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