Call Center Services For Bank’s Multi-Channel Customer Service Strategy

You’re a customer, aren’t you? You know that time matters to you. Speed ​​of action. Feedback to your questions. Immediate problem resolution. You don’t want to explain your case to other people. You want a reaction – here and now. Regardless of the way you communicate.

Call Center Services For Bank

You are also a customer of the bank, right? You know that exceptional discretion and comfort counts for you. You don’t want to talk about your affairs in front of other people. In addition, you prefer to discuss your finances in the privacy of your own home, calmly, having time to think and full support from a bank employee. On the other hand, you also care about quick access to the facility and immediate answers. Do you have any doubts? You want to dispel it as soon as possible, no matter where you are.

If you are also a bank manager, you know that you need to give your clients what they expect, while ensuring the comfort and the right tools for your employees. How to reconcile the needs of both parties? The answer is the contact center.

What Does the Client Expect?

In fact, the consumer’s needs are very simple. He wants to solve his problem on his terms, and therefore quickly and conveniently, settle the matter. What does that mean conveniently? Just like he likes. If he likes to talk, he will want to use the phone. If he prefers writing and greater anonymity – he will enjoy using chat or e-mail. Likes to be up to date? Appreciates incoming SMS with the latest information. Is a traditionalist? He will look for a place where he will be able to talk face to face with a bank employee, he will give up electronic correspondence in favor of a good fax.

What does fast mean? Preferably right away. From home, from the car, from work, from holidays, without putting off anything for later. More – the client likes when the bank is ahead of his needs and offers him solutions tailored to his expectations, even before he becomes aware of them.

What Can the Bank Do?

A bank that respects the client’s needs must give the consumer everything that he expects. Otherwise, the client will leave the competition. It is therefore in the interest of the bank to provide comprehensive customer service. Versatile, i.e. multi-channel, including telephone, traditional and electronic correspondence, chat, social networks, forums, video calls.

Of course, it is not easy to handle so many communication channels without the technology to support such activities. Today, more and more companies offering contact center services support all available customer contact channels – from traditional documents to video calls. Therefore, it is worth using a specialized contact center or creating such a center in your organization.

What is it About?

Supporting different channels is one thing. But gathering the information from these channels in one place is another matter entirely. In fact, it is crucial. It’s not just about picking up the phone from the customer, helping them and forgetting them, or sending an email, maybe even getting a reply. The trick is to use customer and customer information in the future. Also in order to prepare a unique offer for him, meeting his expectations exactly.

Modern ICT systems not only support customer service, e.g. by dialing numbers, recording phone calls, creating and displaying scripts, but also allowing you to save all information about the customer, the entire history of contact with him. Thanks to this, a contact center employee, by establishing contact with a customer or receiving an e-mail or telephone from him, can immediately check all available information about this particular consumer, the scope of services provided by the bank, correspondence history, inquiries, doubts – and not only those directed directly to the bank, but also those posted by the client on social media.

Of course, access to such data is necessary not only at the time of contact. It is important that the contact center employees check the customer’s activity on an ongoing basis – this gives a chance for a quick response to his needs and problems. A bank customer asks on social media for a quick loan? He called the bank a few days earlier to check what is the possibility of taking out a loan? At the same time, a year and two years earlier, he took a consumer loan from a bank to pay for a holiday trip? This is a signal that it’s time to prepare a special offer for him.

Why Call Center Services For Bank?

A specialized call center has an appropriate system that collects and analyzes information, and supports the daily activities of consultants – it is a work tool that is constantly updated. One common system to which all consultants have access is, above all, a fantastic treasure trove of knowledge, but also an absolute basis for understanding and individually approaching each client – recognizing their needs, tracking activities and drawing conclusions that will translate into business success .

The call center is also appropriately trained staff – comprehensively prepared for multi-channel customer service, knowledge of negotiation techniques, the market, services and products of the bank, as well as the competition’s offer. Thanks to its competences, it inspires consumer confidence, and trust is the basis of customer contacts with the bank.

Can it Not be Otherwise?

Of course you can. You can stay with the distributed customer service model, where different people in different places serve different customers by providing them one-time assistance, even using different communication channels. However, such a model lacks the collection and analysis of information – and only the appropriate interpretation of data allows us to give the customer what he needs in advance.

Guessing consumers’ needs, ongoing access to customer data, which protects them from being asked the same questions over and over again and thus shortens the time from presenting a problem to solving it, being available to the consumer also online – these are the basic benefits of working with a call center. Thanks to them, the bank can provide clients with fast and convenient communication, immediate reaction and response to their needs. And this is essential in customer service today.

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