In very simple terms, an external call center service relies mainly on the management of telephone calls by third-party telephone agents. To better understand the concept of call center, we must first understand the basic definition of a call center.

An external call center is a physical workplace where agents receive and / or make phone calls to / from the pre-existing customer or potential customers of a business. The call center software, a tool for receiving and making calls, can be classified into several categories depending on the type of process used.

Different types of call center

Depending on the operating process, a call center can be classified as an incoming call center or as an outgoing call center.

An outbound call center refers to those where agents are responsible for making outbound calls only. In most cases, these activities are aimed at selling a product or service, carrying out market research, collecting debts or creating potential customers.

On the other hand, there are call centers dedicated exclusively to incoming calls. These are intended in particular to provide information on products and services, technical support, reservations or customer service in general.

Call centers can also be classified according to their owner. The internal call centers are those which are integrated within the own company with the agents belonging to this structure and which are managed by this one. The external call centers are fully dedicated to telephone service and are hired by external customers to provide this service.

The Call centers integrated and outsourced are used by all types of businesses. However, they have evolved over time, as has technology. Evolution has also been supported by technological advances in telecommunications and the rise of globalization, in which institutional processes are now managed at the international level.

External call centers, in their early days, were physically close to the companies that hired them. Currently, thanks to the Internet and new technologies, external call centers can be located anywhere in the world and always available to businesses.

Why should companies subscribe to an external call center?

Organizations face many challenges today. Product life cycles have been reduced over time, customer loyalty is much more complicated to achieve, and constant technological advances quickly make existing business models obsolete.

For this reason, it is essential that companies streamline each process, making them more profitable, productive and thus gaining advantages over the competition.

Outsourcing business processes is one of the strategies implemented by companies to divide their activities. This method helps businesses increase the efficiency of their operations, reduce costs, and ultimately increase profitability and sales.

This working model can be very effective for companies wishing to retain and attract new or old customers by making outgoing calls to contact them.

In this way, the company will not have to invest capital in the creation of its own physical infrastructure or incur expenses for the hiring and training of resources.

On the other hand, some companies prefer to include call center software within their own departments. In this way, they can manage the incoming and outgoing calls of their agents, much more easily and directly.

However, there are also call center services that allow easier and cheaper use of integrating the call center with the business, such as WebRTC.

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