One of the most variations between a weak sales rep and a robust sales rep is however you react to rejection. The weaker ones have to opt for a walk and acquire some recent air to recover once rejection, whereas the higher ones recover at once this kind of scenario inevitably happens.

In addition thereto vital distinction, the most effective sales reps have AN ace up their sleeve: They use the correct phrases, words, and inquiries to avoid rejection of prospects the least bit prices.

This is a reasonably easy resolution if you wish to cut back the quantity of negative responses: stop victimization sure words and phrases that solely specialize in the sale. Instead, use words that show prospects that you simply area unit A professional representative and area unit willing to pay a number of your valuable time serving to them.

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Here are a unit fourteen phrases that generate rejection which you must avoid the least bit prices and, additionally, we provide you different choices.

14 Phrases Prospects Hate regarding Phone Sales

“Thanks for your time”.

“Trust me”.

“I get up-to-date once more.”

“Buy” or “Acquire”.

“He was job to consult.”

“We area unit higher than.”


“Sorry to trouble you”.

“Do you wish a bit time to accept it?”

“Do you have enough take into account this?”

“Are you the one answerable of creating the decisions?”

“I don’t need to waste your time”.

“Can I send you information?”

“Honestly” or “To be honest.”

  1. “Thank you for your time”

This phrase is one in every of the foremost annoying. Why? Because of you must ne’er convey a chance for his or her time. After you do, you imply that they did you a favor, once in truth they did not, since they gave you their time because of you have been useful and that they can still do therefore if you still facilitate them. To not mention, if the prospect finishes creating a buying deal with you, he ought to profit far more than you or your company.

Many sales reps say this phrase once they finish the decision with a chance. It is a troublesome habit to interrupt, particularly if you have no different choice to use at the instant. We tend to suggest ever changing that phrase and victimization one thing like: “Did you discover this decision helpful?” If he answers “Yes, thank you,” ne’er say one thing like “No, convey you” or “No drawback.” Instead, you’ll be able to reply with a straightforward “You’re welcome.” it’ll appear weird to you initially however make love anyway.

If you actually need to grasp however the decision went, ask, “Why does one feel this decision was helpful?” or just say one thing like: “I’m terribly happy, what were the most contributions of this entail you?”

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  1. “Trust me”

There square {measure} times after we feel therefore assured in what we are saying and therefore the results we’ll accomplish with a shopper that we frequently say “Trust me.” However, these 2 words will lead you within the manner wrong way} of what you wish folks to understand and that they will take it the incorrect way.

This phrase solely makes the prospect distrust what you say. Also, they may assume that you simply are literally activity one thing in what you supply. Raise yourself the following: what number folks extremely trust somebody United Nations agency is talking to them for the primary time and asks them to believe everything they say? Particularly once, there is cash or a deal concerned.

Confidence wants actions and not simply words. What happens in most walks of life, and sales are not any exception. You need to show that what you say is real and so earn the trust of individuals very little} by little. If it were a daily peremptory, you will use it; however, it would not be as necessary, as your actions have created him trust you.

For this phrase, there’s no different to exchange it. We tend to suggest you eliminate it and higher choose actions.

  1. «I get up-to-date once more …»

Typically once a sales rep “gets back in touch” it’s as a result of the prospect did not show up at the last meeting or did not answer the newest email or voicemail. What I counseled you

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