Call Center Projects

Are you starting a project with a call center? Find out what the people in the positions you are sure to hear about and work with do.

  1. A consultant who provides customer service via the hotline or active telephone sales. When it comes to contact center, the consultant can reply to e-mails, text messages or social media, chat or video chat. He is in direct contact with your customers. Professional contact centers have a hierarchical position structure: work begins with a  Junior Consultant , and after gaining specific experience, internship and work results (performance and quality results), the employee becomes a  Consultant , then a  Senior Consultant , and after approx. 2 years of work – a  Specialist and then (depending on the company after 3-5 years) – an  Expert.
  2. Team leader  or  Team Manager who is responsible for the work of a group of call center consultants – usually from 15 to even 30 people. Complex projects may require two leaders per group – an operational leader who sets the consultants ‘schedule and reports their work to the Supervisor, and a quality leader who monitors consultants’ interviews. If the project is easy to manage and uncomplicated in terms of content, these tasks are often performed by the same person. In the case of large projects, the number of Team Managers should be multiplied.
  3. Shift Manager  – shift manager, the person who makes key decisions during the shift. Team managers working with their teams on a given shift work with her on an ongoing basis.
  4. Quality Checker , i.e. a  quality specialist who is responsible for updating procedures with the client, calibrations, splitting calls between team leaders and their teams. It is he who analyzes the quality and efficiency of work in projects.
  5. Trainer is a specialist implementing training and implementation programs, building conversation scripts and incentive programs.
  6. Project manager (coordinator) who is responsible for the entire project. He should have the broadest knowledge about your project, product, service and know your customers. He is responsible for the results of the work of team leaders. He works closely with a quality specialist.
  7. Key Account Manager (customer manager) , i.e. a person who is dedicated to you on the side of the contact center. You will contact her, renegotiate contracts, set up compensation systems, team recruitment. It will be she who will submit the reports and ultimately be responsible for the current results in the call center.

You shouldn’t forget about internal departments, representatives of which you probably won’t have to meet. They mainly belong to the IT, HR, economic and marketing departments.

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