Many Business Owners are tired of taking the time to respond to phone calls and are unable to pay concentration on their main business. In such a case, it is recommended to outsource to a call center agency. This time, we will check the price list of the inbound business of the call center, and introduce the “costs and rates for outsourcing the call center” in an easy-to-understand manner.

Call Center Outsourcing Costs and Pricing

Call center inbound operations are generally familiar with mail order orders and customer service.

In addition, agency companies specializing in inbound services are undertaking a wide range of services related to power reception and depending on the scale and content of the services to be outsourced, it is possible to significantly reduce outsourcing costs.

If you feel you need to have a dedicated staff member for telephone calls, but want to reduce your initial costs and monthly labor costs, use a call center agency (inbound call center) as a business outsourcing company. There is no hand to outsource.

The costs you can save by outsourcing your call center include:

Cost of in-house production of call center functions

  1. Equipment costs
  • Location,
  • Communication,
  • Construction,
  • Telephone,
  • CTI system,
  • OA equipment, etc.
  1. Personnel expenses
  • Personnel expenses,
  • Recruitment expenses,
  • Education expenses,
  • Training expenses,
  • Management costs,
  • Welfare expenses, etc.

In fact, there are more important things for managers than the benefits of reduced costs.

The greatest benefit from a management perspective is that fixed costs such as equipment and labor costs can be converted into variable costs as outsourced costs.

This is one reason why the call center outsourcing market is expanding in recent years, as the business environment changes rapidly.

Call center outsourcing costs will vary depending on the task requested, response time, number of seats, etc.

Inbound Call Center Pricing

The cost of outsourcing is a problem that can be solved by estimating from an agency, but I would like to know in advance how much the price is in order to make a correct comparison.

In this section, we will explain the main fee structure and cost rates of the agency that undertakes the inbound business as a hint for the introduction.

  • Monthly fixed type

Fixed monthly, as the name shows, is a form of paying a fixed monthly fee and it includes a preset number of calls within the price.

Because the contract is made up of a certain number of cases, such as 50, 100, and 500, the feature is that the cost per call is relatively low.

In contracts to receive a certain number of calls on weekdays or to respond as an emergency contact at night, many inbound call center agency companies adopt the fixed monthly type.

  • Pay As You Go

Pay per use type and receiving number × bid-per-call is the fee structure is calculated by.

Since there is no charge without outsourcing, if the number of calls is small, the cost can be reduced as compared to the fixed monthly type.

Initial cost training and education of operators that are required at the time of business introduced, the cost of such as the creation of materials such as manuals and business flow are included.

Although details will be described later, it should be understood that (personnel system x response time) is the facility usage cost (location fee) and that the unit price changes according to the difficulty of the work that serves as the coefficient.

Regarding the “basic monthly fee”, in many cases, the “pay-as-you-go” type is set at a lower price than the “ fixed monthly type”.

Beware of Callover Rates

When subscribing to the “Fixed Monthly” contract, you must pay attention to the “Call Over” charge for receiving more than the set number of calls.

It is not difficult to predict the number of incoming calls in the operation of an inbound call center, but of course, the number of incoming calls cannot be controlled.

Even if you assume that the number of calls received per month is 200, and you have signed a contract with an agency company, there may be 300 calls.

Even in such a case, the power receiving support will handle all 300 cases, but for 100 cases where the call has been over, an additional fee will be charged in the form of “number of cases × unit price of call over”.

At this time, if the unit price of the call over is high, even if the basic fee or the fixed monthly fee is low, the cost ultimately paid will be higher than expected. It is important to compare these points as a comparison point

When looking at the prices of agency companies that are candidates for the introduction.

Generally speaking, what comes to mind when you hear an inbound call center is telephone service such as mail-order sales, but agency companies also undertake a variety of other tasks.


Some of the main tasks undertaken as inbound are:

Main inbound business

  • Accept orders and reservations: Accept orders and reservations for mail order companies and EC sites
  • Telephone agency (primary reception): For receiving power and returning to offices
  • Handling complaints and complaints: Handling complaints and recalls
  • Emergency counter: Response in case of sudden trouble or malfunction
  • Technical support: Respond to technical inquiries
  • Secretary agency: Phone secretary mainly for sole proprietorships and small businesses
  • Data input: Support for input work such as power receiving data and inventory data
  • Chat/email correspondence: Response to inquiries other than telephone calls

The staffing system differs depending on the type of work to be commissioned, and depending on the content, specialized knowledge may be required.

In addition, the total cost of outsourcing varies greatly depending on whether it is only on weekdays and on weekends, whether it is on-time or late-night, or 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Telemarketing Outsourcing

In the Telemarketing outsourcing of answering the phone as the “face of the company”, if you select the wrong agent to subcontract, you will be involved in the image and credit problems of the company.

So while outbound call center cost is important, you should first judge whether you can ensure quality to increase customer satisfaction.

Outbound Call Center Costs:

The Costs / Pricing of outbound call centers also depends on the types of services you want. It has also two types of payment methods, Pay per Sale or Monthly Fixed Cost. You can pay monthly fixed cash or can also pay per sale as you decided at the time of contract.

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