Call Center Manager

The job of a Call Center Manager is to organize and coordinate the work of call center interviewers. Both responsible for the operational management of the center and for staff management, this professional acts as an interface between officers and management.

On a daily basis, he supervises the calls and ensures the achievement of the set objectives. He motivates officers and ensures compliance with the rules of conduct. When an interviewer gets into trouble with a caller, the supervisor should resolve the issue by taking the call live. If necessary, he performs the same functions as the people he supervises.

Regularly, he produces activity reports for the attention of management. It is also responsible for identifying inconsistencies in scripts/questionnaires and making suggestions to improve their relevance.

In a small or medium-sized Call Center Manager, the supervisor has to recruit new agents and train them. He also takes care of the planning and decides on the bonuses. In a large call center, these tasks are distributed among the various departments.

Main skills

To apply for a job as a supervisor, you must have one to two years of experience as a Call Center Manager. A complimentary course in personnel management is often requested by recruiters. Whatever your trajectory, one thing is certain, you must like to take initiative and lead a team to victory.

Excellent oral and written communication skills are required, in both French and English. Your interpersonal skills help you solve everyday problems. The profession requires dynamism. Finally, you have a solid knowledge of basic computer tools (Office suite, Internet, messaging, etc.).

  • Personal qualities
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Team spirit
  • Sense of initiative
  • Patience
  • Availability
  • Proactivity


Interview with Francine Nelson, Supervisor at the Claims Call Center Manager at Belron Canada

Francine Nelson is a supervisor with Belron Canada, a leader in the automotive glass repair and replacement industry in the country. Under his responsibility, around fifty agents handle complaints from customers of their business partners. For, she agreed to talk about her job.

Do you have to be “zen” to become a supervisor?

I think so! In our call center, I occupy a pivotal position. I am one of the resource people who make sure everything is running smoothly in our team at all times. We need to be able to turn around on a dime and make quick decisions. It requires listening, a sense of urgency, leadership, and a mobilizing spirit!

What aspect of your job do you like the most?

I like personnel management because it brings its share of great challenges. Most of our new agents are in their twenties. Seeing the team grow and evolve is something that I really like. My goal is for us to jointly develop their talents, their skills by finding each other’s strengths Call Center Manager. I try to help them become better professionals. We have to innovate every day because everyone is different. In short, we work with individuals and not “numbers”!

What do you like the least?

It is true that there is some turnover in the workforce. However, this reality tends to improve. Here, the turnover rate is below the average… and very far from the figures displayed by the centers that make outgoing calls!


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