Much has been said about working in a call center. Both good and bad things. However, few people mention that the good functioning of each call center is based on a comprehensive training system, available to all consultants and providing them with knowledge that can become an excellent foundation for the entire professional career.

Very young people, without any professional experience, often find their way to call centers. That is why – obviously – they do not immediately sit in front of the computer with headphones on to serve customers or sell products from day one. First, they need to properly prepare for this task. It is known that the better prepared the consultant, the calmer and more substantive the conversation and the higher the sales results. And everyone cares about it. Also, employees who are properly trained feel more confident and less stressed before making phone calls.

Know Your Strengths

That is why a training system is developed in every call center, which includes not only new employees, but all consultants.

The scope of competences acquired by a call center consultant is extremely wide. The telemarketer starts his work by acquiring product knowledge in the area of ​​the campaign to which he has been assigned. Learns in detail the parameters of the offer, its structure, as well as the set of rules and procedures for selling a product. This knowledge is the foundation of the telemarketer’s work and determines the quality of our services.

The second stage is sales training, during which the consultant begins to polish his skills on how to sell both the product and himself. These skills relate to the broadly understood psychology of exerting influence, with particular emphasis on sales techniques.

In parallel with acquiring product knowledge and sales skills, the consultant works on his character, self-awareness, learns his strengths, develops interpersonal skills, intuition, flexibility, resistance to stress, professionalism, conscientiousness, goal orientation and all other soft skills that are formed as a result of working with people in an extremely dynamic environment, such as the call center industry.

Sell ​​a Product, Sell Yourself

Sales training is the most general and provides consultants with knowledge that will also be useful in other positions during their professional career. They start with basic sales training, during which the consultant learns the foundations of sales, learns the essence of the diversity of customers and their needs, learns to present the product, ask questions and finalize the sale. In addition, they learn about the basic techniques of exerting influence.

An important element of the initial training is building awareness of the relationship between attitudes towards oneself, the product and the client and the results achieved This is the basis of sales success that every consultant should understand. This is what we teach during trainings.

The scope of sales training does not end there. During the first days of their work, consultants learn about the methods of closing sales, learn to listen actively, define their goals and time management. The trainers also familiarize them with the techniques of exerting influence – they learn the basics of NLP, the art of negotiation, and resolving objections. Importantly for call center employees – they also undergo training to help them cope with stress.

Who is the Training For?

All employees participate in the training. New consultants take part in general training, developing knowledge and soft skills, and showing sales techniques.

Training is carried out mainly in response to the needs of consultants, which were identified during the analysis of training needs, including, among others, suggestions of consultants and information from their superiors, trainers and our partners.

All consultants involved in the new sales campaign must undergo product training – this helps them learn about the product that they will be offering to customers. The formula of the training itself is adjusted to their subject and the needs of the participants.

Knowledge Forever

The knowledge gained while working in a call center is useful not only in telemarketing. It can be safely said that the call center changes people, preparing them for work also in other industries and in other positions. This is an added value that can be used by anyone who chooses a telemarketer position at the beginning of their career path.

And although the degree of using this knowledge depends only on the consultant, the call center gives its employees general development opportunities, thanks to which they can manage their careers in a more conscious way. Just take advantage of it.

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