An easy and optimized path of customer contact with the call center service department in the mobile channel is the basis for building a positive customer experience. Technological progress definitely determines the optimization of contact.

Digital Customer Service

Customer service is a very dynamic area in the call center industry. In addition to standard communication channels, i.e. telephone, e-mail, text messages, chat or fax, companies, following the trends in the market, implement technologies based on digital trends. In addition, clients are increasingly able to contact a consultant directly via social media or video. The main purpose of this is to make it easier for consumers to contact the service department and to optimize processes in such a way as to respond to their expectations and needs as quickly as possible.

Call Center Goes Mobile

According to the Dimension Data report, as many as 83% of consumers point to professional customer service as a critical distinguishing feature of each brand, hence the legitimacy of introducing constant changes to improve it. A modern client is an extremely demanding client for whom digital solutions are important in terms of the time they spend on contact and effectiveness in meeting their needs. Experts say that only fully personalized and individualized call center customer service, which will be based on perfect knowledge of the history of contact with the consumer and his current and potential expectations, is a prerequisite for building a great relationship with the customer.

Digital Customer – the Most Important Trends

1. Integrated customer service.

Internet of Things: intelligent communication of the customer service department with the consumer and his problem using applications, devices or systems, before the customer notifies consultants about his need is a significant breakthrough in the call center industry. This applies to the area of ​​smart products and services, e.g. wearable devices, i.e. watches, jewelery, sports accessories, household appliances and electronics. In the event of any deficiencies in the devices, the service department is able to react even without involving the user. It also stimulates proactive service, thanks to which consultants can be even more prepared to meet customer expectations.

2. Contexts in customer service.

A trend that is in favor of building customer experience based on their emotions and a precise understanding of their expectations. The context of a given moment and the issue with which the customer is calling allows for absolute personalization of the contact, proper reaction of the service department and solving its problem in real time, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Proactivity.

Automation of customer service processes in call centers leads to a situation in which a specialized consultant responds to each consumer problem, depending on the type of needs and expectations. The history of contact, knowledge about the consumer or his preferences allow for an effective response from the service department, thus building a positive customer experience.

4. VR.

Virtual Reality is the future in customer service. The use of innovative computer technologies is to create an interactive effect of communication between consultants and consumers within a dozen or so years. Today VR is not limited only to visualization, but also to sound effects, which is why it is not excluded from factors that may revolutionize customer service.

5. E-service in a call center.

Electronic customer service offers a lot of possibilities in terms of its integration with live chat channels, social media or video – consumers today expect many alternatives to contact the service departments.

Focusing on professional new generation communication is crucial for companies to create modern and personalized call center standards. Following trends and using their potential can bring tangible benefits for business and, above all, build strong relationships with the consumer.

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