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Description of the function

In small Call Center Customer Service, these three human resource management functions are performed directly by the manager or supervisor. In companies that employ dozens or even hundreds of telephone operators, these functions are distributed among several professionals.

Recruiters are responsible for finding the most suitable employees for the positions to be filled in their call center. Writing and publishing job offers, sorting CVs according to candidate profile and skills, managing interviews and tests, checking references, these recruitment specialists do not have time to be unemployed!

Once this work is done, the trainers take over. Their goal: to welcome newcomers and provide them with information on the culture of the company Call Center Customer Service, its rules, and procedures, its quality of service, and its products. Longer and more concrete training is then given by “operational staff”.

Obviously, the efforts of HR professionals are not only focused on new hires. They must also organize continuous staff training Call Center Customer Service: new techniques, new tools, new products, etc. They monitor work accidents and ensure the career development of agents by distributing the right points (promotions, bonuses) as well as bad ones (disciplinary sanctions, dismissals).

Finally, human resources managers design the agents’ weekly schedules. A real headache due to the staff shortage and high turnover affecting call centers!

Specific Skills

  • Have a higher education in human resources or have experience in team management
  • Have a solid knowledge of labor law
  • Be results-oriented
  • Knowing how to explain complex problems in a simple way
  • Manage your emotions and resist stress
  • In Quebec, be fully operational in both official languages
  • Personal qualities
  • Call Center Customer Service
  • Organization
  • Sense of initiative
  • Team spirit
  • Relational help
  • Patience
  • Authority


Interview with real interact, Human Resources Technician

For the past year, real interact has been a human resources technician in a call center that employs 600 agents. The activity of his company is based on Call Center Customer Service and technical support in the field of telecommunications.

In charge of recruiting and organizing training, real interact finds herself on the front line. “What I like about this job is having a real-time snapshot of the job market,” she explains. The call center environment is extremely competitive in Montreal, and succeeding in attracting quality collaborators is a challenge. I find it very stimulating! ”

Nevertheless, real interact does not hide the fact that the shortage of manpower which characterizes her daily life sometimes generates a certain “blues” in her. “It never makes me happy to see someone leave that I hired a week before,” she said, “because these young people, I them a bit like my ‘babies’ … I have the impression that the current generation is less and less loyal to the company. Today they are ready to go for a dollar more an hour. ”


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