A common problem faced by marketing departments in companies is insufficient focus on obtaining appropriate and quantifiable effects of advertising campaigns for sale. One idea for determining the appropriate KPIs is to analyze the contact center data.

Unfortunately, when planning and implementing advertising campaigns, call centers are sometimes marginalized or even overlooked. This leads to uninformed customer service, sudden drops in brand credibility and customer satisfaction. What’s more, the potential of the contact center as a support for the advertising campaign is not used – and it has a lot to show off. How can a call center contribute to the success of a campaign?

Creative Call Center

At an early stage of planning a campaign, contact center managers can suggest the most effective tools and scenarios that will allow you to achieve your marketing goals. They will also advise on innovative solutions that may positively surprise the brand’s recipients.

There are also no obstacles for this call center to be the originator of the campaign. Advisers who regularly communicate with clients gain non-obvious insights that can translate into brand communication that will share the values ​​of the target client. Therefore, it is advisable for marketing to cooperate with a call center – and be inspired by the knowledge it provides.

An Excellent Advertising Campaign

A good campaign is one that uses all available tools that are relevant to achieving marketing goals. One of the tools may be the contact center. What is the process of cooperation in creating a campaign?

  • Precise definition of goals – sales, image, etc.
  • Defining the nature of a call center campaign – outbound or inbound?
  • Database selection in the case of outbound campaigns
  • Conversation scenarios according to the campaign guidelines
  • Training of consultants and advisers

In the case of an inbound call center, it is worth including elements related to the campaign in the conversation scenario. However, if you decide to use an outbound campaign, you can consider a scenario in which the call center will be the only marketing tool in the campaign. This means that it will be used as a cheaper and more effective model of reaching the customer than outdoor or traditional media campaigns.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Advertising Campaign

A contact center can also be one of the best ways to assess whether a marketing campaign is effective. This is all thanks to extensive systems that include and integrate several communication channels, i.e. omnichannel solutions.

Modern call center software allows for data analysis during the campaign and after its completion. We can find out how many customers tried to establish contact with the brand due to the launch of new communication activities, or how many recipients bought a given product thanks to advertising.

The contact center may also conduct satisfaction surveys, e.g. through CATI interviews (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews, i.e. quantitative research conducted over the phone with computer support). We can commission research on: brand or product awareness, market position or the effectiveness of a specific campaign.

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