Meeting expectations and creating a unique customer experience is today the core of call center culture and organization. Pro-activity and multichannel – these slogans should be the basis of modern contact center outsourcing. Keep Reading if you want know more about Call Center 3.0.

Customer 3.0 VS Call Center 3.0

Experts from the call center industry are still wondering whether the organization of their work and the technologies used are influenced by the growing awareness of consumers, or the opposite, i.e. whether consumer behavior is shaped by the implementation of modern solutions in service departments.

The evolution of the call center begins with the breakthrough of the Internet, thanks to which in the early years users experienced frequent disconnection of connections, mainly caused by access via the dial-up system.

At that time, consumers had a difficult contact with the company, which is why, in response to their growing needs, the first 1.0 helplines, based on the inbound system, appear on the market – accepting orders, providing information, complaints and activating services.

The call center 2.0 stage and the growing expectations of consumers are already a significant development of the Internet network and technological possibilities. Customers use mobile channels, expect contact by phone as well as by e-mail, SMS, chat.

Meanwhile, the call center introduces activities that allow you to reach customers directly, hence the introduction of the outbound system. A multi-channel call center becomes a comprehensive contact center that communicates with the client by phone, internet, chat, video chat or mobile applications.

According to a recent report, as many as 59% of consumers choose not to interact with the brand due to lack of access to their preferred communication channels.

The modern client is characterized by hyper-connection, i.e. the use of many integrated channels of communication with the company from the level of each device. Moreover, he expects to solve the problem in real time and personalize the contact. Therefore, the challenge for call center 3.0 is to implement proactivity and omnichannel.

Pro-Activity and Multichannel

Proactive communication with the client is now a powerful tool to increase efficiency in service and build a strong brand image, but it is worth paying attention to the proper use of its potential. A survey conducted shows that 80% of respondents encountered this form of contact, declaring that it speaks very well about the company and affects the overall customer experience.

Customers feel the interest of the brand and are more likely to use the personalized offer presented by consultants. Companies most often use the telephone to contact the consumer (93%), the report shows that customers (43%) definitely prefer contact by e-mail.

Hence the need to optimize this form of communication in order not to discourage but to satisfy the client. A great solution is to inform the client over the phone about the offer or service and e-mail channel support. The customer receives a dedicated message and depending on whether he opens the message or clicks the redirect link, the consultant from the service department offers ongoing support as part of additional information.

The entire process takes place thanks to the previously implemented automation (the consultant receives notifications in connection with updates in the system) and monitoring of the process progress in each communication channel.

Moreover, in order to maintain the highest standards in customer service, it is necessary to constantly develop the multichannel. The multi-channel customer service allows you to manage the history of contact between the consultant and the client and automates all activities in the channels, e.g. by sending an e-mail to the company, the client immediately receives a notification of receiving his message. Contact on the part of the consultant depends on the communication with the client so far and accurately meets his needs.

Call Center 3.0 is primarily a support center for consumers based on modern technologies and appropriate customer service, ready to respond to their expectations in real time, from any communication channel. Integrated multichannel, pro-activity, personalization and automation – the development of these tools will allow you to build strong relationships with the client and will certainly affect their positive customer experience.

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