Making informed business decisions in the contact center is possible thanks to modern processes based on hard data analysis. How does BI affect the operational efficiency in the company and the competitive advantage on the market?

BI – the Role of the Business Intelligence System in Call Center

According to a survey conducted by KPMG International, 82% of companies indicate the need to implement advanced technologies and tools in order to understand the needs of their customers, respond to their expectations with a personalized offer and precisely analyze a large amount of data. Currently, this constantly developing area of ​​BI systems, i.e. Business Intelligence, plays a key role in the organization of data management in the contact center. Moreover, over 50% of respondents pointed to BI as a definite added value for any business.

In turn, the Research and Markets report shows that by 2021 the annual growth rate of the global Business Intelligence market will amount to almost 10.5%. International BI solutions are valued at several billion dollars.

In the contact center, customer data sets are unimaginable, therefore the use of the BI system is able to respond to the company’s needs in terms of information analysis, processing or optimization of processes taking place inside the institution. In addition, it is worth paying attention to building indicators thanks to BI – the system allows you to link many data with each other and draw the right conclusions in order to improve, for example, customer service.

Towards Efficiency

Increased quality of call center processes, increased productivity and cost reduction are the most frequently indicated advantages of introducing the BI system. Business Intelligence is a modern set of tools and solutions, thanks to which you can improve the collection and integration of data in the contact center, accurately analyze and make decisions related to the functioning of the company, and provide the necessary data to individual departments for fast and effective customer service.

Benefits of implementing the Business Intelligence system in call center:

  • easy access to data that comes from various sources
  • integration of consistent data from all contact center departments
  • short time of data analysis and decision making
  • increased management efficiency
  • planning and forecasting activities in all areas of the company
  • possibility of quick reaction to trends in the industry
  • analysis of the budget and financial situation (cost optimization)
  • fewer people involved in decision-making processes
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • increasing profits
  • effectiveness and efficiency of decisions made.

Modern Business Intelligence systems are developing in the direction of handling an even larger amount of data, responding to the needs in the field of access to information in the shortest possible time, providing technologically advanced tools for data analysis and ensuring a friendly user interface. Big Data, data visualization, mobility and even more advanced analytics are the most frequently indicated development directions in the field of BI systems.

For the contact center, the automation of processes and the implementation of such systems as Business Intelligence is an opportunity to increase productivity and ultimately create positive experiences in the customer journey. BI is able to generate data on telephone traffic, analyze consultants’ working time or the degree of implementation of individual KPI’s.

Business Intelligence is a wide spectrum of possibilities for improving the efficiency and functioning of call centers, which can significantly affect the achievement of a competitive advantage in the industry.

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