89% of consumers resign from the company’s services due to poor service in the call center. Its standards, in many cases, are unfortunately insufficient and, as a consequence, may lead to significant business losses for a particular brand.

The Role of Customer Service – Business Statistics

The low level of customer service, both in contact with the hotline and in other communication channels, e.g. via e-mail, social media, chat is unfortunately a business perspective of failure for the company. To achieve the highest standards of service, start with understanding and analyzing its direct impact on success in the company. In addition, it is worth trying to identify and draw conclusions from the differences between the real customer experience and the needs and expectations of consumers. The survey conducted by Desk.com shows that 89% of respondents quit the company’s services after the first negative experience with the contact center. The most common mistakes by which consumers withdraw from continuing to use the brand’s offer include:

  • sending the client to many consultants from various departments in the first contact in order to solve the problem, resulting from the unpreparedness of employees (57%)
  • lack of consultant involvement (55%)
  • no satisfactory answer to specific questions (53%)
  • consultants’ incompetence (49%)
  • connection waiting time (47%)
  • no possibility of contact in a foreign language (39%)

In order to avoid unfavorable business situations, e.g. loss of customers or a sudden drop in sales results caused by irregularities in customer service standards, it is extremely important for the stable functioning of the call center to monitor operational processes using key performance indicators (KPIs) that are responsible for quality and availability services, performance, efficiency and profitability, and costs. Continuous monitoring of KPI’s in the call center is an undeniable priority, because as a result of negative customer service, there is a total or partial loss of revenues in the company. What’s more, consumers not only decide to stop contacting and use the services or products of a given brand or choose the competition’s offer. A business consequence on a large scale is the absolute resignation from any transactions in the area of ​​a given industry, which will certainly affect the entire market of specific goods or services on the financial level. On the other hand, the implementation of solutions based on the conclusions from the analysis of the direct impact of customer service on the brand’s success, which in turn lead to the improvement and optimization of consultants’ work in the service department, may restore the brand’s business balance.

Bad Customer Service – Economic Consequences

For many companies, outsourcing is an opportunity to reduce operating costs related to customer service. In the case of the call center industry, the selection of the appropriate operator is often determined by a low price for comprehensive services, which may lead to cooperation with a company that does not care about customer experience and any standards of professional customer service, while the most important criteria for selecting an outsourcer should include: .in .: experience, knowledge of operational processes, implementation of solutions that lead to cost reduction and the achievement of consumer goals.

Companies that offer their services for less than the average market rate are not able to serve customers well because:

  1. They lack financial resources, which translates into a definite lack of specific service standards.
  2. They note the lack of innovative ICT solutions.
  3. Training perspectives for consultants are lacking.

As a consequence, there is a risk of a multiplied number of complaints and a decrease in consumer satisfaction, which may ultimately lead to the failure of a specific project.

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