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On the product page itself, below Insurance Lead Providers, is the contact details of the wholesalers. You can contact them directly via messengers (WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM) or write a letter on the order form at the bottom of the product sheet. The sales managers, upon receipt of your request, will contact you shortly and clarify all the details of your order.


If you or your company want to expand the sales market and attract new customers and the products offered for sale coincide with our range – contact our organization in writing with your cooperation proposal. In the letter, be sure to include: full contact details for your business Insurance Lead Providers, range of products offered for sale, availability of certificates, addresses of bonded warehouses, recommended wholesale prices. Upon receipt of a request from a customer for the purchase of this type of product, we will offer you as a supplier.


The difference between ordering from a manufacturer from a wholesale purchase differs in that when making the products, it takes time to manufacture them. In the case of wholesale purchase, the products offered for sale are in the warehouses of the supplier. In addition, when making to order Insurance Lead Providers, it is possible to implement non-standard individual types of design or manufacture with special properties or characteristics.

Over the years of working in the wholesale market, our team has established professional relationships with many manufacturers Insurance Lead Providers. Write your request at the bottom of the product sheet. Those responsible for placing production orders will inform you of all possible and best options Insurance Lead Providers.


Understanding the current economic situation in the world, we strive to bring the negotiations to the satisfaction of both parties. But still, the final price in some cases depends on the volume and the delivery conditions: EXW; FCA; CPT; CIP; DAT; DAP; DDP; FAS; FOB; CFR; CIF.


All products have quality certificates from the region in which they are supplied and fully comply with the requirements of the standards. The most important thing for us and for our company is reputation! We value every one of our customers, from the small wholesale customer to the large wholesaler Insurance Lead Providers. We respond to all incoming complaints and when shipping a defective product to the customer, we bear all transportation/replacement costs for the semi-finished product.


Our company has all the permits for export operations and trade in the international market. When exporting, all goods are provided with documents of the established form: a certificate of conformity of goods from manufacturers or suppliers for customs, a consignment note and other necessary data. Moreover, when selling products to non-residents, VAT (value-added tax) is not taken into account.


The presence of lawyers, accountants and full-time representatives in most parts of the world allows us to perform import support – from checking the quality of goods and documents to customs clearance in the area. customs clearance and transfer to the warehouse.

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