Outsourced call center pricing

Best Outsourced Call Center Pricing is a strategic decision for many companies and should be carefully considered. As a professional call center, both in outbound and inbound, we support companies as reliable partner in customer communication. Our technically excellently trained agents and our high-quality customer service ensure sustainable corporate success.

Our core competencies are in customer service over the phone. In addition to classic telephone marketing activities such as Address qualification Outsourced Call Center Pricing, scheduling service for the field service and telesales, we also offer inbound activities such as 1st level support and telephone order acceptance.

Advantages of call center outsourcing

If companies decide to outsource communication with their customers, then this offers you a lot of advantages:

Cost and resource savings

If you work with an external call center, you can save valuable resources when outsourcing, such as employee costs, workplace costs, etc. These costs are usually covered by the call centers. It is also important that you do not have to worry about costs when outsourcing in the event of illness or vacation claims by employees.

Know-how and knowledge management

With targeted outsourcing, you no longer have to train new employees yourself; the call center will do this for you. In addition, a professional call center can help you with knowledge management Outsourced Call Center Pricing, also through the experience gained from the knowledge gained with similar projects.

High accessibility

You can significantly increase the availability of your customer service and always offer your customers a very high level of advice. Even with calls at peak times, you can forward the calls that cannot be handled by you to an external call center and do not have to worry about missed calls.

High flexibility

With a professional call center, short-term inquiries such as extending service times or increasing the number of agents are not a major hurdle. You don’t have to hire any new employees yourself and leave this entire process to your service provider.

Differences between offshore and onshore outsourcing

Basically, companies have the option to outsource parts of a department or to outsource entire departments. Companies are often faced with the choice of whether onshore outsourcing or offshore outsourcing is the right choice.

Onshore outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing is understood to mean outsourcing in the home country of the outsourcing company. Suppose a company is based in Germany and would like to outsource its call center, then nearshore means that companies are explicitly searched for that are based in Germany.

Offshore outsourcing

If companies want to outsource departments abroad, then one speaks of offshore outsourcing. In the European Union in particular, many call centers are being outsourced to Eastern Europe.

How do you benefit from Outsourced Call Center Pricing?

In addition to technically excellently trained agents, with us you can rely on a partner with whom you receive a lot of know-how. You will immediately be fully motivated and can concentrate on your core competencies.

You can also save valuable resources with a service provider. In addition, you take advantage of availability around the clock and don’t have to worry about availability. With your excellent customer service, you can clearly differentiate yourself from your competitors.

As a customer, you have the choice to decide to what extent you would like to outsource your customers’ communication.Outsourced Call Center Pricing You can only outsource certain areas or entire departments, such as lead generation and the acquisition of new customers.

What are the costs of outsourcing?

That depends very much on the number of calls. In general terms, the more calls that are made for you, the more expensive the costs will be Outsourced Call Center Pricing. However, with us you only pay for the time that we actually work for you.

In inbound and in customer service, we have billing that is accurate to the second, which you can always understand with a reporting. For more precise inbound prices, take a look at our telephone service without a basic fee. In outbound, on the other hand, you only pay a fixed price per call and net contact. So you always have planning security.

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