Why build a Best Insurance Leads Guide system?

With the development of the domestic economy Best Insurance Leads Guide, enterprises have become more and more concerned about the service requirements, and most enterprises have gradually realized the powerful role of the call center system. With the call center, the enterprise will improve Best Insurance Leads Guide the service level and communication efficiency for customers, or the call center is the basic service platform for customers. Some enterprises use the call center system as a channel for outbound sales of their products.

How to build an enterprise call center?

There are generally several ways for an enterprise to establish a call center.

Third-Party Purchasing

Purchasing a complete call center system through a call center third-party sales company.

Advantages: The speed of putting into production in the early stage is fast, and there is no need to recruit relevant professional employees. Relatively speaking, the system has been screened by the market and is relatively stable.

Disadvantages: High cost, the call center systems on the market are charged based on the number of seats, the average is generally 2000 seats, and the management personnel generally have 3-5K seats. If the enterprise is large, the cost of this method is particularly high; In addition, since it is a purchased third-party call center software, if you need to combine the call center with your own business, there is basically no other way to go except customization, which is not conducive to the company’s long-term development.

Outsourcing company customization The advantages and disadvantages of the solution customized by an outsourcing company are similar to the above one. The biggest difference is that the first solution is the sale of existing finished products, which generally does not provide special customization, while the customization of outsourcing companies Best Insurance Leads Guide is to customize the call center function according to the company’s own needs, and even purchase the source code.

Self-developed call center system In this way, many slightly larger Internet companies may do it themselves. In this way, the resulting system will be more suitable for your own business needs, and it will be more convenient to integrate with your own business system. The upfront investment is definitely high labor cost and basic hardware cost. Moreover, enterprises themselves need to train some call center technicians, and they will have to solve all kinds of maintenance in their own enterprises in the future.

How should a call center Best Insurance Leads Guide be built?


First of all, enterprises need to be clear about the purpose of building the call center system. What is the purpose of building this call center?

  • Is it for the enterprise to use it as an inbound customer service?
  • Or is it used for outgoing calls?
  • Is it a business that wants to use it for marketing or a government unit for office use?
  • Do you want to outsource or use it yourself?
  • Do you want to make money or use it for customer service?


There must be requirements for the construction of the call center, which requires writing a requirements document. For example Best Insurance Leads Guide, what you want to do, each point is clearly written:

  • What are the needs including now?
  • What’s the problem?
  • What do you want to be in the future?

Setup, expansion and upgrade speed, cost and flexibility

An enterprise’s business, process and scale sometimes change greatly with the rapid growth of the market. At this time, the enterprise’s call center system must be able to quickly adapt to the market, allowing enterprises to make appropriate adjustments. For example, Best Insurance Leads Guide the call center system needs to adjust the number of seats, IVR, ACD, etc. according to the requirements. That is to say, operation and maintenance personnel or managers need to be able to quickly adjust the configuration of the system according to changing needs.

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