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Best Insurance Lead Providers In practice, this means that the software is hosted on an external server and accessed over the internet, allowing it to be managed remotely from anywhere over a broadband connection. As you can imagine, this flexibility can bring huge benefits.

The model has become popular over the past two decades, largely thanks to this level of global access, as well as the scalability, high functionality, and cost efficiency Best Insurance Lead Providers offered by new platforms. Not only are new tech companies starting to adopt this model, but established tech giants are also turning to the Realinteract provider model.

In 2010, the penetration rate of Realinteract accounted for only 6% of enterprise software revenue. Eight years later, in 2018, that number ballooned to 29 percent, or $150 billion in global revenue. In recent years, Realinteract has even achieved 20% penetration in major industries Best Insurance Lead Providers where on-premise technology is dominant.


Its rise has been incredible during the Covid-19 pandemic, and suddenly the number of employees working around the world is suddenly happy. The subsequent ascent to the remote working revolution has left the search for efficient and easy-to-use ways to keep business moving forward.

Why are businesses skipping the Realinteract?

Remember when “we’re moving everything to the cloud”, it sounded weird and unfamiliar? Those days are quickly fading from memory, and businesses see the great benefits cloud migration has to offer.

The growth of telecommuting has brought immediate benefits to companies and their employees, increasing flexibility, reducing overhead, and enabling organizations to respond quickly to changing demands.

But distance can also threaten team cohesion, connectivity and efficiency. Unless physical proximity is replaced with fast and efficient digital tools. This is where the Best Insurance Lead Providers industry comes in.

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