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If you yourself are wondering how to handle your business phone calls and Inbound Call Center Outsourcing, you absolutely need to understand the difference between incoming and outgoing calls!

Many people are generally confused about the difference that exists in outsourced call center call management, including confusing between inbound and outbound call management.

It should be noted that the delocalized management of calls in the contact center can very well combine the two depending on the activity and the nature of the operation to be managed.

That is to say that it is very well to set up mixed configurations offering an incoming call service combined with an outgoing call service. But the main difference between incoming calls and outgoing calls outsourced to a call center is pretty straightforward …

Summary :

  • What is an incoming call and an externalized outgoing call?
  • Inbound Call Center Outsourcing
  • Telephone outsourcing of outgoing calls
  • What are the advantages of outsourced management of your incoming and outgoing calls
  • What is an incoming call and an externalized outgoing call?

The difference between the two is quite basic, it is the difference between outsourced management of receiving phone calls and outsourcing management of outgoing calls to an offshore contact center.

Outsourced management of incoming calls: When a company decides to outsource its incoming telephone calls, it delegates or entrusts all or part of the management of its incoming telephone calls to an external service provider, generally a offshore contact center.

Within the outsourcing contact center, agents or call center agents will receive and process incoming externalized telephone calls. This is called receiving a call in the contact center.

They receive and process calls from customers, patients or suppliers who are trying to get help and information, generally about products or services.

Remote customer relationship management in inbound calls is particularly suitable in the context of the outsourcing of the following operations:

  • Outsourced management of order taking
  • The management of reservations,
  • Outsourced after-sales service
  • Consumer service
  • Outsourced technical assistance
  • The switchboard and outsourced company telephone reception
  • Outsourcing of medical or legal telesecretariat
  • Offshored user support or business management services

Telephone Outsourcing of Outgoing Calls: In the case of outsourced activities, managed as outgoing telephone calls, call center agents will make calls on behalf and at the initiative of the partner company. The outsourced management of certain activities or services is generally handled by outgoing call centers by offshore contact centers.

This is commonly referred to as outsourced call origination. Companies can outsource operations generally handled by outgoing calls by offshore call centers such as:

  • Prospecting or sales operations
  • File qualification
  • Outsourced appointment scheduling

Outsourced customer retention and loyalty operations via customer satisfaction surveys, for example

Generally, call center agents call the customer, prospect, patient or supplier in order, depending on the type of operation, to submit relevant and fluid questions to them to convince them to:

  • Make a purchase
  • Get your opinion
  • Assist them in their purchase or choice of product or service
  • Or make him a commercial proposal in order to retain him.

In some cases, call center agents are responsible for calling back customers or prospects to provide them with the required information about products or services.

They may also make calls for certain after-sales services or outsourced technical assistance and customer support.

This is the case for the outsourced management of technical assistance services, or the management of outsourced outgoing calls triggered online by the Click-to-Call or Web-Call-Back options (click to call or immediate callback). ).

It is important for businesses to identify and decide which customer service activities to outsource to a call center. Whether it is to outsource customer relationship services managed in inbound or outbound calls or both, it is important to think about the procedures and organizational techniques to put in place to succeed in outsourcing or relocation of its high added value activities. as an offshore call center specializing in remote customer relationship management, supports all its partners in setting up the best outsourced management processes for their inbound and outbound calls.

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What are the advantages of outsourced management of your incoming and outgoing calls

Outsourcing the management of your inbound and outbound call services to an experienced partner, such as Business & Solution Services, can help you take advantage of a number of benefits.

Some of the main advantages of Inbound Call Center Outsourcing services include

Cost savings: Inbound Call Center Outsourcing to a service provider saves you money. With this type of partnership you eliminate the costs associated with hiring and training internal contact agents.

Increase Your Profits: Inbound Call Center Outsourcing can help you generate more leads and thus increase your income.

Save on resources: By outsourcing, you tend to save a lot in terms of purchasing the required infrastructure and expensive software and hiring manpower.

Access to a qualified workforce: Outsourcing gives you the advantage of being able to benefit from the skills of a team of qualified call centers specializing in the management of remote customer services

Focus on Core Skills: Inbound Call Center Outsourcing services give you more time and resources to focus on your core skills and core business.

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