Call Center Structure

The division of competencies in each Call Center Structure is individual and strongly dependent on its size, the fields of activity, and the customer portfolio. Basically, however, almost every call center works with the following employee Call Center Structure.

The management is responsible for the entire business operation. She represents the call center externally and is responsible for acquiring new customers and maintaining existing customer relationships.

Project managers plan the implementation of customer specifications and project goals. You analyze the performance and create evaluations in order to report to the management or to the customer. Depending on the call center, they also take on direct customer support.

Supervisors monitor the calls and quality of the Call Center Structure. You do not make active phone calls, but as a knowledge carrier you can take on complicated processes and conversations in the event of escalations. Supervisors plan resources according to specified goals and keep an eye on performance and key figures.

Team leaders organize and look after the agents in their team and are available as knowledge carriers for any questions that may arise Call Center Structure. You are also responsible for the development of the team and its performance but also act as a confidante and contact person in case of internal conflicts. Often they are on the phone as actively as their colleagues. In multi-shift operations, team leaders are also called shift leaders.

Coaches are responsible for training the call center agents. Thanks to their background knowledge, they are also the point of contact for technical questions Call Center Structure. Depending on the size of the call center, team leaders or appropriately qualified call center agents take on this task in addition to their actual work.

Call center agents are in direct dialogue with interested parties, customers, users or interview partners – by phone, email, chat, video or via social networks. Your task is to implement the specified goals quantitatively and qualitatively.

In addition, there are of course other employees or departments in a call center that are necessary for operation:

The HR department is responsible for recruiting new employees and takes care of the assessment center – sometimes together with the team leaders or coaches.

IT technicians and network administrators are required for the technical infrastructure. You are responsible for computers and software, phones, and the network. They must always be available during operation so that errors and failures can be rectified immediately.

In addition, as in all companies, there is an accounting department that takes care of salaries, among other things, as well as positions in the general administration of the call center.

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