It can be integrated with Best Call Center Companies enterprise’s own communication system.

For a large enterprise, the Best Call Center Companies is usually only a department. Only when this department cooperates with other departments of the enterprise can the entire enterprise play its role to the greatest extent. In order to solve some complex problems of customers as quickly as possible, the call center needs to be integrated with the company’s existing telephone system, and the front and back offices can work together. For example, in one case Best Call Center Companies, when you need to set up a professional free agent on a platform other than the customer service center, you can easily upgrade an ordinary extension phone to an agent phone.

Call center system and business software

The business software is the office software used by the agents to process the incoming call records. The software and hardware of the call center can be installed separately from the business software. For example, an ideal state is that the enterprise has its own CRM or ERP system first, and then integrates the call center system. This is a way to improve the flow of information and the smoothness of calls.

What are the preparation steps for building a call center?

Now let’s talk about the preparatory steps for the construction of the call center.

Telephone Access Method

The first is the selected telephone access method. The call center has a feature that multiple people can dial the same number. So how to make our call center make a number that can be dialed by multiple people at the same time and online at the same time? is the relay. A trunk is a communication line that connects the central office switch of the communication company with the user-level switch (PBX) within the enterprise. Different from ordinary telephones, because ordinary telephones do not have user-level switches, they are directly connected to landline telephones through ordinary telephone lines from the central office switch.

Relays are further divided into three categories:

Analog Trunks – are regular telephone lines.

Digital trunking – The optical signal at the central office will be converted into 30 analog signals by the user-level switch, that is, a digital trunk line contains 30 analog lines.

IP Relay – Similar to Internet telephony, a type of telephony signal transmitted over a network.

One of the most widely used domestic Best Call Center Companies is digital trunking. A digital trunk line has 30 analog lines. Like ordinary telephones, only one call can be active on one line at the same time, so an E1 trunk line can only have 30 calls at the same time.

Hardware Provider

Next is choosing a hardware provider. Best Call Center Companies communication equipment manufacturers, the internationally renowned Awaya (acquired), the domestic well-known are mainly Dongjin, Sanhui, Huawei, Cisco.

Board Type and Agent Size

Finally, you need to select the board type and confirm the agent size.

Since the digital relay is selected, the board must be a digital board. In the selection of the board, it is necessary to determine the type and quantity of the server motherboard slots that carry the Best Call Center Companies CTI and the board. Sanway’s digital voice boards can provide 1, 2, 4, and 8 relays for a single card. For example, the single card used is 4 trunks (that is, a board supports 4 trunk lines), each trunk has 30 channels, and a total of 120 external lines.

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