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Call Center Agents By telephone, the debt collector is responsible for contacting clients of his employer (or one of his clients) to notify them that they have late payments or accounts receivable. He makes agreements with them that will make it possible to regularize the situation and he sets the deadlines for recovery. If payment is delayed, the agent may suspend the service offered to customers. As a last resort, he can even go so far as to initiate legal proceedings against them. Regularly, he writes reports and files relating to accounting matters.

The debt collector works mainly on behalf of banks, administrations, and commercial Call Center Agents. This work is carried out internally or within specialized structures that sell their services to professionals. Part-time contracts are more and more Call Center Agents.

Main skills

A high school diploma gives access to most call center collection agent positions. Nevertheless, more advanced knowledge in the fields of finance and accounting will be appreciated. You shouldn’t be afraid of numbers because interest rates will be part of your everyday life. Comfort with computer office tools is generally required by recruiters.

In Quebec, bilingualism is required to practice in companies where part of the clientele is English-speaking.

Personal qualities

You are able to communicate clearly while knowing how to be firm and persuasive. In potentially conflicting situations, you stay calm and show patience and diplomacy. You are rigorous in all circumstances and you do not get emotional. Finally, you have a strong team spirit.

She has only been practicing this profession for two years, after taking distance learning courses at CEGEP and specializing with an AEC in damage and personal insurance. Before that, she had a business with her partner. A first experience that helped her start her new career: “I already knew how the client-service provider relationship worked, it was simply necessary to adapt face-to-face sales techniques to that of the telephone interview. ”

Today, his skills and dynamism do the rest. “You have to have several qualities to take on such a responsibility, admits Evelyne,” to know all of the brand’s products, to be attentive and receptive to the wishes of the interlocutor, to remain concrete in the responses and above all to ensure speed. “Assets that helped her find her… voice.

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