If you’ve visited some of internet sites in recent years, you’ve presumably seen it. A box pops up wanting to interact in language or assist you with what you would like. Yes, this is often regarding live chat. If you’ve got tried responding to the greetings, you’ve most likely noticed that you simply get an instantaneous response. And you’ve conjointly most likely puzzled if there’s a true live human agent on the opposite finish.

is live chat a real person?

In order to completely answer the question of whether or not all live chat agents area unit real humans or not, we are going to have 1st of all have to be compelled to perceive a number of things regarding live chat.

What is live chat?

Live chat is an internet methodology of communication together with your customers. Employing a live chat platform, you’re able to move together with your customers in time period. Thanks to its time period nature, live chat has quick become the foremost most well-liked methodology of communication by shoppers.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots, on the opposite hand, a neighborhood of your live chat system. These area unit programs designed to converse together with your clients within the same method your customer service reps would. Today’s AI-powered chatbots area unit thus advanced it will really be troublesome to inform if you’re rebuke a larva or Associate in an agent.

Human agents can determine themselves

Because live chat agents apprehend that customers like chatting to a personality’s agent, they straightaway determine themselves. Not solely can they tell you their name, however they’ll conjointly assure you that you’re chatting to a personality’s agent.

Check however the responses return

The third method within which you’ll tell if you’re chatting to a live agent or a chatbot is by checking the method the responses return. If it’s a chatbot, responses are instant as they’re pre-populated. On the opposite hand, if you’re chatting to a personality’s agent, the message can take a touch longer because the agent are writing. You’ll conjointly tell it’s a personality’s agent chatting to you because the chatbox can show you that the respondent is writing.

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