The success of your business will depend on a large percentage of the dedication you put into it and the hours of work you dedicate to it. However, on many occasions, we are limited when it comes to dedicating all the time we want, since a large portion of the available time will have to be spent on tasks not directly related to the activity, such as administration, answering emails or answering phone calls. Therefore, it is usual not to sometimes find the ideal moment to take an important call. That is to say, surely if you attended to it at certain times of the day, you would not do it with sufficient quality, such as during a meeting, a business trip, etc. Today we will talk about how to answer your calls without the need for a secretary.

The importance of telephone service

Today, even if we are in the Internet age, most potential customers still prefer the phone as a way to communicate with companies. It is estimated by experts that the lack of response to calls received by the business, results in a loss of 30% of total revenue.

That is why the answer to these calls is essential, as well as the distribution of the call to the person with whom the caller wants to speak. Otherwise, the easiest for customers will be to find another provider.

On many occasions, companies choose to hire a person (receptionist, secretary) who performs, in addition to others, this task of initial telephone attention and distribution of calls.

However, nowadays it is much easier thanks to the Software Call Center service offered by some telecommunications companies, such as Zendesk, and its options menu or “automatic operator” functionality.

What is a Call Center Software?

The evolution of technology has allowed the development of call management software, such as the virtual switchboard or the Call Center Software, which makes an intelligent distribution of calls through IVR and ACD.

This cloud-based system that uses artificial intelligence systems does not require any physical installation or any of the many disadvantages that traditional call centers pose. Thanks to this tool, it is no longer necessary for your call center agents to be near you or between them.

Therefore, a Call Center Software is a communication solution, both internal and external, for companies. A system that also allows optimizing resources by detecting the origin of the call or assigning a menu of options that makes the caller speak directly with the worker they need at any time.

What is the options menu or “automatic attendant”? Answer your calls without the need for a secretary

One of the functionalities included in Zendesk’s Software Call Center solution is the options menu, also called “virtual operator”. To give us an idea of ​​what this tool consists of, it is the typical message we hear when we call a customer service number, where you hear “Press 1 if you want to speak to the administration department, press 2 if you want to speak with the commercial department… ”. Then, thanks to the IVR, the call will be directed to the corresponding extension / person.

Who has not happened that has had to spend more than ten minutes waiting in a phone queue, so that later we were attended by different people who were passing the problem to each other without giving us a solution? With options menu, we can divide or distribute calls between the different departments, so that the client or the person who is calling our company will only have to press a key to choose the person who will attend to them, depending on the reason of your inquiry.

There are numerous possibilities when establishing the distribution of calls, such as segmenting them by departments, by subject, by language, or even to be diverted directly to the agent that the customer wants.

Therefore, the Zendesk Software Call Center options menu allows the client to be attended by the person who best suits the query made. But this is not the only advantage of this tool:

  • First of all, you can take your calls without a secretary or a person hired just to distribute them. The options menu will do it automatically.
  • Optimization of time, since it will not be necessary to pass the call from one agent to another until the solution is found. The call will go directly to the specialized agent in question and the others can use the time to answer other incoming calls.
  • Personalized customer service, which will feel closer to the company and will take a professional feeling.
  • Reduction of costs, since we will not have to pay the salary of a person dedicated to this task. Etc.

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