Before a fresh call center consultant puts on headphones and connects with the first client, he has to undergo one more important conversation – face to face with the recruiter. How to prepare for a call center meeting? What questions should you expect? What to definitely avoid? HR experts who employ people to work in the call center on a daily basis share their professional secrets with us.

First: Think and Prepare

Have you sent your CV to the call center and have you been invited for an interview? Great! Before meeting the recruiter, carefully read the company’s website. Find out what exactly your potential employer does, what services it offers and who its clients are.

Think about what type of helpline would be a better place to work for you – outgoing or incoming. Do you prefer to try your hand at being a salesperson or help callers with their problems? Prepare also the questions you want to know the answer to

Before the meeting, think about how much time you can devote to work and what hours will be convenient for you. Many call centers offer flexible schedules, which is especially valuable for students or parents raising young children.

Second: Do Some Tutoring With 

You already know that you need to do research on the employer before the interview. Should you also expand your knowledge in a specific area?

When you make an appointment, ask what project you are recruiting for. If it turns out that this is a bank’s campaign, you should read about it on your own and learn about the basic issues in this field, such as a credit card, debit card or a consolidation loan. Thanks to this, you will be able to present yourself better to the future employer.

– General knowledge of the industry is welcome, but there is no need for major concern. Before each campaign, all consultants undergo thorough training in the offer that they will present to clients – explains Monika, recruitment specialist.

Third: “Catch the Eye” Of The Recruiter

What is “that something” that determines that out of two similarly qualified people, only one gets a job? Much attention is paid to personal culture.

In a call center, your voice and the way you speak are very important. The telemarketer must have no audible speech impediments and the tone of his voice must be pleasant for the client.

Fourth: Show Your Character

A telephone consultant is a profession in which, in addition to skills, personality matters. What character traits are important to a company such as a call center?

– A good telemarketer should first of all be able to listen actively, treat each interlocutor individually and try to understand him in order to help in choosing the best solution. During the conversation, you also have to react quickly to the information received and show the benefits that the customer will gain if he decides to buy – explains Stef.

Your commitment also plays a large role, because, as HR specialists assure, a positive attitude to work is half the battle. Inner peace and self-control are also required of the hotline crew.

Fifth: Be Ready For Questions

There are many legends about job interviews. Candidates are concerned about strange, tricky questions or those that will confuse and stress them. How is it actually?

– One of the first, most frequently asked questions is “What do you know about our company?” This allows us to assess whether the candidate treated the job offer seriously or whether he took the trouble to find information about the future employer – says Stef.

Be ready to talk about yourself – briefly discuss your work experience so far, and mention your successes. If you are studying, please tell us something interesting about your field of study.

During the conversation, a lot of general questions are waiting for you to show your communication skills, creativity, decision making, customer orientation and how you deal with stress. At the end of the meeting, the question about your availability and financial expectations will certainly also be asked, so it is worth considering these issues beforehand.

Sixth: Take the Creativity Test

What else can you expect? Most likely, you will be checked in terms of your reaction to the situation that may happen to you in your daily work. A very common method is to play a sales role in which you will be asked to sell a product related to the field of activity of a given call center or a completely abstract thing, such as a magic ball, to the recruiter.

Another way of recruiters is to play with associations. Sample question? Provide 10 uses of a tennis ball! It’s a creativity test, no wrong answers. So you can let your imagination run wild and show that you have a brilliant mind.

Seventh: Choose a Smart Casual Style

The day has come – today you will stand on the threshold of a company that is looking for you, perhaps. You are already mentally and substantively prepared, now it’s time to choose your outfit. As a rule, the call center industry does not require candidates to wear business attire. Remember, however, that respecting the person you will be talking to requires appropriate clothing.

Men should choose classic pants and a shirt over which they will throw on a thin sweater or jacket. Women have more options – they can dress like men or wear a skirt and elegant shoes with low heels. You should give up excess jewelry, harsh makeup or too intense perfumes.

Is that all there is? Take a briefcase with your printed CV and documents that you want to show. These may be, for example, certificates of completed training, high school diploma or diploma. Do not forget the card with questions to the recruiter – this will be your cheat sheet just in case.

The call center is an ideal place to start a professional career for students who do not have a lot of professional experience. It is the perfect start to a career path. It teaches discipline, teamwork, and broadens knowledge. A positive approach, enthusiasm and a few ways to get recruiters will surely help you in getting this job. Good luck!

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