Assume this you visit a website and start chatting on their live chat customer service. You expect to talk with somebody who will give you a quick answer, at this moment, so you click that little box and put your query and you start waiting for the reply but there’s no one to answer. At that point you pause. Couple of minutes pass, no answer. Your associates are looking out for you to go to lunch, however you’re stuck waiting.

Growth and prosperity of a business depends on the customer experience. To improve customer service experience and to provide seamless customer service you might need to spend more money but customers would pay more money for better customer service experience and also you can increase prices.

Why Customers Prefer Live Chat?

Most of the time customers prefer quick responses if they are facing any problem or want to register a complaint or need information about the product. Customer service representatives must have the enough knowledge about the product or service they are providing support for. Customers also want the option to reach customer service representatives, regardless of the time. Implementing live chat addresses all these factors.

When asked about preferred method of communication most of the customers cited live chat as their preferred medium of communication.

Live chat customer service support

Live chat helps businesses achieve and maintain high rates of customer satisfaction by providing convenient and instantaneous medium with which customers can communicate with representatives and reach out for support when they need it

As compared to other mediums of communication like phone , email and social media support, Live chat has 92% satisfaction rating.

Quick Responses

Usually response for an email is expected within 24 hours, whereas while on chat customers need quick and timely responses within a minute or two. Timely responses are the key to great customer service.

It’s essential for sales representatives to respond timely to increases sales and lead generation. Time management skills of your agents are the most important. Best customer service practice is that your customer service representatives should be master in managing time and their organization skills otherwise customers might switch to another service or product.

Average response time should be a minute or two maximum. Also keep one thing in mind that agents should not rush to answer, first understand what customer’s requirement is then respond as per their requirement.

Send Chat Transcripts

When chat is over, customers might want to take a look at it. In some cases customer come to live chat for the resolution of a problem so they need to look back at troubleshooting steps.

Chat transcripts are also important to maintain transparency because it keeps your staff accountable for what they say as well. Its same as recording phone calls for quality an authenticity purposes.

Purpose of sending them to the customer is to let them know that you record and monitor the conversations. This is also helpful in reducing chances of customer coming back to chat again and again for same question or information.

Knowledgeable Support Agents

Customer success manager must focus on education of sales representatives about product and include this in marketing plan of company build a rapport with customers.

 To provide the best customer service support your customer service agents must come up with solutions to the problems of customers.

 It’s important if a customer has a problem or query it gets answered quickly and efficiently.

As I mentioned earlier live chat agents should be capable of providing the enough knowledge for the sake of customer satisfaction. It’s important to connect your customer to those agents who can help them with their problems

Real-Time Communication

Goal of live chat customer service agent should be to keep the communication as clear as possible.

Clear and effective communication is a part of must have customer service skills for the customer support agents.

This is how customers responded to Good and Bad customer experiences.

Live chat customer service support stats

Main purpose of live chat is to have more helpful and impactful conversations with customers instead of serving customers with robotic conversations.

Focus more on providing real-time communication to build rapport with customers and get the desired results out of your business or to sell more of your products.

Ease of Access

If a customer has a question about your website or something that he needs help with immediately?

Now What?

Live chat option on your website should be easily available and accessible right away, otherwise it might not be effective.

Having live chat on your site can help your customers to navigate to right place if they are looking for some specific service or product. Live chat feature should be added to those pages which customers visit the most.

Answer More Questions

When you have the live chat feature readily available on all those pages that customers visit the most, now it’d be easy for customers to ask you more questions about the product they intend to purchase and it’d be easy now for you to answer their queries.

To provide great customer service or to build relationships with customers it is necessary to guide customers about the product. Agents can guide them pros and advantages of buying that product or also it’s helpful when customers need to know the price of a specific product.


Having live chat feature available on your website is great addition to provide customers with best customer service experience. Because when customers have an option to get help from whenever they want.

Live chat customer service can definitely help you convert more website visits into sales leads.

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