Customer Experience is an extremely important aspect in the context of the company’s operation. Proper management of customer experience, which consists of the offer and brand quality, as well as frequent contact with the service staff, is the key to the success of each enterprise. So how do you improve CX?

1. Building a Relationship With the Client

Contact between the customer and the service center is multidimensional. This is not a one-time and non-permanent type of communication – the role of a consultant is both to provide the necessary information and build a long-term relationship with the client who will come back for more in the long run. According to the Europe group report, as many as 57% of customers are ready to finalize transactions in a company by which they feel appreciated, which is why brands are strongly suggested to implement the idea of ​​personalizing communication channels with the customer, based on commitment and authenticity in order to generate the highest profit for their customers. companies.

All stages of communication with the client influence the construction of his final impression and the whole of CX. Competent customer service consists in skilful diagnosis of the customer path, which is possible thanks to regular training of the hotline employees. Clients expect their problem to be understood and resolved, and the interviewee will be a consultant with expert knowledge who will find the answer to the requested issue.

2. Omnichannel – Contact Integration

The omnichannel strategy is a perfect example of increasing CX in every market sector. Its basis is the consolidation of the IT structure in the company, thanks to which the data flow is smooth and the information about the customer is condensed and available at every stage of contact with the consumer, regardless of the communication channel. The research shows that as many as 55% of customers appreciate the omnichannel concept, which intensifies contact and allows for quick implementation of needs.

How to distinguish the actions of the call center in terms of contact with the customer? It is worth focusing on the implementation of modern communication channels and proprietary solutions to exceed customer expectations. Digitization allows you to integrate contact with the customer through social media or mobile applications, which is especially valuable for the consumer in terms of saving time.

3. Work Quality Control

Measuring the quality of work in the company is crucial in terms of improving the customer experience in the contact center. The principle “not quantity, but quality determines value” is 100% true in this respect. By striving to improve CX in this way, the customer will not only be loyal but also become a great brand ambassador.

The legitimacy of creating a “quality check” department and a quality controller position in a call center is obvious. The contact center industry is dynamic, hence the forms of communication between consultants and clients are constantly monitored and verified. Conversations are recorded, analyzed, key problems of clients are diagnosed at different stages of the paths, and recurring mechanisms are examined.

4. Training for Call Center Employees

Monitoring the quality of consultants’ work is not enough. It is important to increase the competences of employees – it involves investing in modern tools and training, but it proves the professionalization of working time and providing clients with precise information.

A great example are both soft skills training, during which the consultant learns the techniques of professional customer service or methods of researching customer needs, as well as strictly product training.

5. Maximizing the Efficiency of Sales Processes

Europe invited two generations to the study – consumers aged 16-24 and 55+. According to the report, what matters to both groups is how complicated the transaction process is: 43% of young people and 62% of older customers say they are terrified by the time-consuming sales system and difficult procedures. Therefore, companies should focus on optimizing the purchasing path and contacting the call center, which will undoubtedly affect customer satisfaction.

At the same time, it is impossible to ignore an important issue that affects the effective and efficient operation of a call center, i.e. FCR (First Call Resolution). By using the potential of this indicator, the company’s costs are optimized and, at the same time, it responds to their needs in a satisfactory manner.

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