Many companies feel that they must use a variety of vendors to achieve their goals in managing employee engagement. Although this approach has worked well in previous years, a lot of research has been done shows that companies prefer an integrated solution from a single vendor. Employee performance optimization solutions consist of several applications integrated with each other, designed to record, analyze and optimize performance in order to achieve greater levels of engagement. And this, of course, has an impact on increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) extends these capabilities to include features that contribute to employee well-being. But providing a unique experience for your business requires more than just frills. What exactly is WEM and what are the four reasons why you should use this system?

1. Keep it Simple

The full Workforce Engagement Management suite typically includes 13 modules covering everything from performance management, quality assurance, employee surveys, interaction logging and knowledge management, to additional features. With different systems (from multiple vendors), it may be necessary to implement these modules in five delivery models and rely on eight or more vendors, ultimately resulting in an overly complex process. In addition, there is a need to implement, learn the system, and sometimes also manage each of the modules, while the data is distributed in different systems. This requires additional people to retrieve and standardize this data. WEM is a solution that simplifies the user experience and helps companies increase both the results and satisfaction of their employees. 

2. All in One Place

Using different systems to manage employee engagement means that data is scattered in different places. As important information, such as consultant data, is processed across systems, valuable opportunities to obtain actionable information and act in time may be lost. Having information related to employee performance and the level of services offered in real time enables the company to detect certain knowledge gaps. And this, in turn, is an opportunity to supplement this knowledge and provide your employees with appropriate training or valuable tips. This, of course, has an impact on employee engagement. Thanks to Workforce Engagement Management, they feel appreciated, supported and motivated to do their best work.

3. Savings

Downloading data from different vendor solutions means more than just investing your time and resources. It also means that you need to invest money. In order to effectively use solutions from different vendors, you will undoubtedly incur the costs of implementing, training and maintaining several applications. In turn, by switching to the integrated WEM package, you have the possibility to completely reduce the cost of owning a contact center infrastructure in your company. Savings in Workforce Engagement Management are not only the costs of integration, but also less overload of consultants in the contact center, i.e. their more efficient work. WEM enables its employees to be “armed” with the tools they need to best serve their customers. Clients have the opportunity to contact consultants,

4. Increasing Customer Satisfaction 

The importance of ensuring a satisfactory employee experience and its impact on customer experience is obvious. Maintaining the satisfaction, motivation and commitment of employees who feel supported by the company not only results in a lower level of rotation or greater efficiency. It’s also about providing a great customer experience that sets your brand apart from the competition and contributes to better outcomes and profits. Think for yourself – if you had to choose to talk to a tired, stressed consultant or a committed employee who sincerely wants to help you – who would you choose? This is the reason why you should consider Workforce Engagement Management. Satisfied customers and employees are definitely a good foundation of the organization. 

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